I think Nate Curry wanted to leave

I watched the Nate Curry highlight video a couple times and that guy really played with heart. He made some great clutch catches and was a very decent return guy.

Watch his highlight video and try to tell me he didn't deserve at least a camp invite this year.

I think he got forgotten about. He should of been invited, he did better than armstead at PR. He was a bit short though, but he had sure hands and good size(weight).

A very good receiver can look very ordinary without a good QB to hit him with the ball. A good receiver most always whats to play on a team with a good QB. Iam not a big fan of Armstead he shows flashes of talent from time to time but hes not very consistent.

Nate didn't play enough last year. The cats are moving in a different direction everywhere. We are starting fresh. I wish him well and hope he plays well whereever he ends up.

Wood, Woods, Woods.
Lets hope he plays to his potential and we will have a #1

I don't think he did and I'm not thrilled by the fact that he's gone.

He could catch the ball but it seems he lacked the ability to get open and break away. Not alot of catches for the season plus was never the type to break for decent yardage.

Taaffe must have some issue with him. He was great when put on returns. He wins Special Teams Player of the week and then the following week Taaffe doesn’t even use him there. I don’t get it???

theres alot of things i dont get about last season.


Ya. And then they cut him???