I think my inbox broke

I got an E-mail that stated that I received a PM from here, but when i logged in to check, it show's 0 messages, 0 new. So whoever PMed me yesterday or last night I didn't get it unless i read it deleted it and am losing it.

You are losing it!

oh, did you send it....care to remind me what this PM said...

Ya know there is a max of 50 messages in the inbox delete some and see what happens

thats the confusing part, I only have received 1 PM that i know of(2 if you include this mystery one), that one i just replied to then deleted.

I just sent you one as a test

thanks it worked, oh well if i can't remember couldn't have been that important.

Well, from time to time , that little number "1" starts flashing near my name, and I go to the Inbox only to discover there's nothing there. So I'd say it is not your inbox that's broken, but the alarm that must warn you.

havent received any either for while, but keep receiving message on e-mail that says i have, if anyone has tried to contact me in the last lil while, i havent gotten any

you too? oh good I can put my visit to the nut house on hold :lol:

"you've got mail" that freak anyone else out when they first heard it. I usually listen to music when I am on the PC and everytime it says that. I think, wow, why did they put that in this song. And then I clue in. BUt still takes me a minute

AOL? I think thats the only ISP mail system that ever does that. I'm on Sasktel Highspeed have never gotten that.

no. it does that on this website. whenever I get a new message. That doesn’t happen for you guys? I know you can turn it off. but otherwise I would just never see that i have a message.

no i don't remember it ever happening, its possible that i had my speakers off when i received all 2 of my PM's though . i get a popup that says i got a PM.

always happens when i get e-mail, personally, i love it

Get a life Eskimos32001. LOL. just kidding....

what are you talking about Lionbacker? i just said i loved the "you've got mail"

Just being cheeky. Had a few pops tonight.


everyone has to agree with me that the You've Got Mail is awesome, havent heard in a while though, someone send me a PM

i don't think ive ever heard it so ill send you one then you can reply so i can hear it too lol