I think Maas problem or a big part of it....

has always been, being away from his family. I think this works on him mentally and affects his performance. If he's here next year I think his wife needs to let someone run their business in Edmonton for them for 6 months so that her and their child can be here in Hamilton.

I respectfully disagree.

Maas lost a few games that should have been won in the beginning of the season, and he took it so personally that he put the world upon his shoulders.

His injury was also a big factor.

I know this is going to be taken crudely, but the only effect that his wife would have had on his is to take some of the stress in the way that wives do. But this is football, and that sort of thing is not allowed in European football before a game :lol:

I would LOVE to be away from my wife for 6 months. HA HA

I agree with Goofw,I think Jason needs the calming influence of his family being here.

But what does Jason think, or more importantly does any players wife and family want to be up rooted ?

They're happy with home in Edmonton,lots of players have homes outside of their playing home,so?

People who work and live in Alberta also got $2,000. last year from the heritage Oil fund $$.. :wink:

Man, if what you guys say is true, that Maas's problems are rooted in the fact that his wife is in Edmonton, then the guy really needs to suck it up. I'd guess that at least 75% of the Americans in the league and a good number of Canadians as well, leave home (and their country) for the CFL season and still manage to perform well. As an aside, the much maligned Ricky Williams brought his fiancee to Toronto for the duration of his stay in Canada including his entire rehab. Even his baby daughter was born in Toronto making her----Canadian!!

Anyway, I think Maas has played injured or at least not fully recovered from surgery for much of the year. I still think he can be a quality QB in the CFL for a few more years yet.

An Argo fan