i think it's time!!!

Is it me? Or do u think it's time to put lawrence gordon back in at db. Since gordon been out. It seems to me like our db's are being torch!! especially bo smith and tisdale is not looking any better. I still really didn't understand y they have him sitting aways? was it because of that drop punt. because his play when he was in was solid this year. So yall let me know . The last 3 to 4 games the secondary have looked bad!

Honest, I wasn't sure why Gordon was pulled, maybe he is hungry after sitting on the bench.


Reid has looked better than Gordon , nothing against Gordon but all other teams have clearly exploited the ticats week corners, Not sure Y but they seem to be giving way to much space to opposing receivers, playing for int,s and big hit,s instead of just prevent knock down,s :cowboy: Bad move letting Anderson go :thdn:

We “let him go” because he’s a nutcase. Case in point - his hit on Cobb last game in Calgary…

The guy has skill and can play, Our secondary could have used him this year.

Ya GOZILLA has skills too .. but anderson has proved his intensity overrides his sense of discipline...way back we had an intense back named Ralph Goldston..., Goldie hit hard, but he (generally) hit clean... and he was coachable..so Trimble and Sazio overlooked some of his fits of temper. He never hurt his own team mates nor humiliated them on the side lines.. and that is a tell tale difference

Anderson? Hes had a few side line brew ups with his own team mates in Calgary. There will come a time in the very near future when even Hufnagel will say 'noughs enough...Mark my word.

Anderson is a ticking time bomb. Watch.... once they figure him out the other teams will needle him to a point where he explodes. and it wont matter who's in the way..

cheap shot artist? Na he has skills.. but he has no discipline and college teams across north america are chock full of his kind... its the disciplined ones who focus, make the coaches job easier and ultimately not only win games... but create the makings of a team that have staying power There's too many cowboys in Calgary already :cowboy:

he isnt new with the stamps...
he has been there for almost 2 years now, and watching the game on the weekend it looked like the 2 of them have a pretty good relationship. He plays with a ton of intensity and yes that makes him take some stupid flags, but thats a lot better than getting beat almost every play...

Anderson and his temper??? ----u should read what calgary fans have to say about the guy ....i repeat pure talent is wonderful but without discipline its like a fish without water....WANDAAAAAAAA! :rockin:

and how would you know what calgary fans say about the guy?
If he was anywhere near as bad as people on here make him out to be why does he still have a job? Calgary is a pretty discipline team, they cut armour in the off season not anderson for a reason.

you're serious?!?

its not hard to read what calgary fans say :? just go to their site and log in... you can do it from this site. They're pretty friendly all in all and we're all one big happy family in he CFL, arent we? :wink:

why does he have a job.. for the same reason that cats have fleas...

we dont really know the reason they cut armour...but i cant believe anderson isnt walking the same tightrope..or have you forgotten his temper tantrums while he was with us???

nothing personal against the guy... but time bombs tick and his nickname should be Tock...

I do remember his temper, Im not saying he dossnt have one. all I am saying is i dont think its as bad as people say it is, and i think his skill is alot better than he gets credit for.

I'm more comfortable with Gordon and Bradley as our corners.