I think its bag time

Like I stated earlier,lets wear bags at the game next weekend.I am going crazy watching this team lose,so lets have some fun for one game .
Every fan wear a bag over their heads to show our displeasure.(paper bags only please).We must try to have some fun here and I think this would be great to see 28,000 fans with bags on their heads.

Always remember though,support your team no matter what,even if it means wearing a paper bag on your head.

i think it would be pretty kool if you or someone else got a bunch of bags and stood by the gates eather handing them out or selling them for a buck or two. id buy one :thup:

Look at my new Sig you tell me

I have got my bag all ready to go. After the game last night, I am not even going to cut out eye holes. I wont miss anything exciting.

you can just draw some on like in onknights picture :lol: .

Like the Maple Leafs? :lol:

you guys can wear a bag over your head, i'm not.

i go for the couple of hours out with friends have a few beers & enjoy the night win or lose.

I am not going to lose sleep just because we are losing.

hey if the ticats have only mustered up 15 grey cups in over 115 years pretty good indication we not out there for a dynasty

were out there to have fun and losing isnt fun.So if were gonna lose lets have fun doing it......

How about attaching some contests to it....
-Best overall design
-Angriest looking
-Drunkest looking
-Best Jason Maas replica

thats a great idea. i want a drunk bag so i wont even have to rember the game. and i feel sry for anyone who makes a jason maas bag there jest guanna be able to her the pa anouser even louder :lol:

Wal-Mart sells paper bags!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and the additional plus side to having a drunk bag is if you are actually drunk under it then you have a bag to vomit in...or if you are sober maybe you need to vomit in it anyways watching the ticats...

I like these ideas

the ticats should have to hand bags out to all the fans that come and tell them just incase ya get sick hears a paper bag to vomit in

Makaveli, that was really unfair to make fun of Maas like that.

I could only hope to be Prince Charles' cousin.

:o :lol:

Would a drunk, angry Jason Maas replica automatically win best overall design?

who doesnt have a bag yet????????????????

me. i really want one tho. ya think ya could hook it up todd?

I'll never wear a bag ,but you better make them water resistant for tomorrow night.

Wal-Mart has paper bags.