i think its a start of a new era in the cfl ................

winnipeg is on the verge of starting something big .... Building a new stadium for there football team and making it the perfect size for the city and the league . The CFL is in need of a make over and new stadiums i think is key for many franchises . this may even open doors for other cities to build what i can small market stadiums that will create the atmosphere that is needed for this league . anything between 25 and 40 thousand plus luxury suits ,and hotels would be all thats needed .

its a new era and hats off to winnipeg for the begining of something great in canadian sports . who will step up and continue the make over .....regina ??

what do you think ?

That is what it's looking like.

Hamilton, Regina, Calgary(to a lesser extent), Ottawa, potential expansion cities.

They Could all use new stadiums, yes some are kept in relatively good shape but you can only upgrade so much unless the renovations are to an extent where starting a new stadium is around the same cost.

NOW, a new stadium in any city must be carefully worked, as it can benefit or kill a team if it isn't done correctly(look at MTL)

New stadiums need to be built out-doors for one, need to give fans a great atmosphere and need to be located properly, yes true fans should always follow their team, but putting it 20 minutes out of town doesn't make alot of sense. lol.

The New Era seems to have started, look at the major upgrade the CFL.ca website right now, Winnipeg is getting a new stadium unless the feds get in the way, Attendance looks to set records this year, SMS is starting up.

2007 looks great, but 2008 is the big year for the CFL, it will show how the league handles all these changes, if the SMS goes through, if the Molson expansion happens, if Ottawa comes back, how close QBC gets to getting a team, if WPG gets it's stadium(and IF there is a ripple effect of other new stadiums)

I agree totally. Although building from scratch is good, one can also opt the Montreal way. Personally I believe Molson Stadium is the best stadium in the CFL when it comes to atmosphere, location, apperance. The Als renovated the whole stadium, which was built in 1912 I believe, correct me if I'm wrong.

Hopefully more cities will look at what David Asper(who cannot be thanked enough) is doing and follow suit.

What do people think? I know renovating buildings is like putting lipstick on a pig; it's still a pig. However, do you think teams should consider renovating, instead of building from scratch? It's worked well for the ALS.

That's one FINE looking stadium plan in Winnipeg. They look very serious about it too. I bet it happens.

As for the ripple effect, who knows. Sure would be nice but it takes political balls to make it things happen. One thing is for sure, every improvement helps the entire league.

Optimistic time for the CFL!

Fans in MTL just seem to have gotten really angry at the Big Owe that Molson looks great, it also has a great location.

Which is a key thing of having the stadium built correctly. it doesn't need to be 40K seats.

Just a 30K seat, BMO with 50% more seating.
Having stadiums with planned expansion to 40K(built in Room, having the stadium built to handle that capacity, as in support space)

Just need the blue to show the way and see who desires to follow.
Hamilton needs a new stadium, just because Ivor Wynn is Dangerous(for the players)

And my butt, sitting on those wonderfull backless benches.

Yes a new stadium is great for the Peg, but renovating Mosaic or building a new football stadium will be an expensive venture for Regina, and the province. I really dont see the need for a new stadium for the Riders. There are more important things for the gov't to spend money on than a football stadium.

What makes you say that?

Believe me, the pain in your rump has nothing to do with the bench being backless. I sit in a bench with a back on it (most of the stadium has those) and by halftime yesterday I couldn't feel anything below my waist.

And that's with a so-called "cushion" I got years ago, that no longer provides any cushion at all.

I kept standing up and asking the people around me to massage my butt, but no one would.

I must confess I have a special love for venerable old Ivor Winn. That place just reeks of history and football culture. Better seating and a major spruce up would be great. Hamilton does need a new stadium but please leave IW standing.

Is Pigskin Pete still around?

CFL needing new Staduims is long overdue Since I have always hold contempt for this league for Playing in out of date Staduims.

I fail to see why that's a valid reason to hold the league in contempt ...

re----Since I have always hold contempt for this league--- What else is new, How many self proclaimed sports purists have found any excuse available to complain and wine about this or that that they dislike about the cfl., Why not support Canada,s pro football and minor football instead. its never going to be the nfl, omho that is what is so good about it!

CFL needs to be revitalized by having Staduims that are good for game and not put too much on other things.

You do realise that the CFL does not own the stadiums?

One of the features of the new Winnipeg stadium is that it is partly shaded. I'll tell you, I find that very important to comfort. I was at the Jays game today (June 24) and we sat in the sun for about the first 25 minutes before the sun moved behind the R***** Centre. I don't think I could've sat for a whole game in the Sun.

I'd like to see Hamilton get a new stadium. Help revitalize the City. But right now, everyone is NHL gaga because of the Balsillie bid for the Nashville Predators. If he doesn't get the team, maybe we could convince him to drop 238million on a 50K Black Berry stadium hmmm?

Pigskin Pete retired at the end of last season. Paul Weiler (the third incarnation of Pigskin Pete) still goes to games, and in fact they gave him season tickets for life. (He lives across the street from me! :rockin:)

The team is in the process of finding a new Pigskin Pete for the 2008 season. This year they're going to have special guests, like local celebrities, doing the cheer at the start of the game.

There is an idea, but 238M? lol.

120M gets a 40K Seat stadium, so if he was to team up with Katz each could offer up 20-30M to get a 40K seat stadium.

Great idea to get celebs to do the Oskeeweewee cheer! Should be pretty funny! Eventually though they need to find a new Pete.

I sure had fun at games there :slight_smile: I love that place.

Having nice stadiums is much less important than providing a good on-field product. A new stadium will temporarily revive a team and attract bigger crowds but after a few years it will just be another stadium. When the honeymoon is over if the quality of the game isn't what it could be the fair weather fans won't bother coming back. In my opinion the CFL should be putting more into other things rather than stadiums because thats what gets people into the game, especially for fans from cities with no CFL teams and from the US who won't be in the stadium anyway.