I think Dunigan is right,GLENN third string.

Glenn is not going to get any better. And he is not our future.They should let Porter and Tafralis
get all the reps. Let Glenn do the tutoring. We should be developing two new QB's for the future.
Glenn i don't think can carry this team to the playoffs.He had his chance lets build for the future. :rockin:

Here's my take:

  1. Glenn is not going to get any better on this board. Until the season actually STARTS, this is an academic question. He can't get better until the bell rings...:wink:

2) He is not our future. Is he our present? I hope Porter is. We don't get into the playoffs if Porter fails, IMHO.

  1. My prediction is that if things break well, Tafralis will be in the backup mix by the end of the year. That is a developmental question. It's too early to ordain that! If Porter goes down for any period of time this year, I want an experienced hand at the wheel!

Remember what happened to Chang. Rookie backups are a dice roll. It's important that Adam evolves into a backup role, I believe. It''s something you earn: it isn't handed to you unless you have both the experience and the talent to pull that off unless there is no veteran option.

4) With all due respect, it is Khari Jones's job to do the tutoring, first and foremost. Glenn's primary task is to be ready to go into the game if necessary if he is our backup. As a good, experienced teammate, he should make himself available to Quinton to pick his brain on any question or issue he confronts as the starter of the team. The key is to be a resource.

  1. The development of your third QB is secondary to the development of your starter, period. Even more importantly, it's subordinate to the preparation of the backup. In due time, this team will have to transit from Glenn to Tafralis, Boltus, or someone else in that role. The problem with this team historically is that it has never gotten that together. It's trying to be arbitrary about a process that ought to be organic.

If Porter goes down, I want Glenn to be able to step in and make at least one start to ease the process of boosting Tafralis. At a certain point, you give Adam his shot in that scenario. You do not throw him to the wolves immediately when there is a CFL-tested option to ease that process along.

That being stated, if Glenn subs and wins, this is moot, period.

TIme will tell.

Oski Wee Wee,

Oski Wee Wee: I believe you've said it all!

Great post!

One of the more interesting things said in TSN's season preview was Matt Dunigan's comment about how he would rank Tafralis ahead of Glenn on our depth chart. You can hear Dunigan say that shortly after 7:10 of this eight minute video. And you'll find that at least one member of the TSN panel sounded surprised after Dunigan said that. Dunigan did say in this article that Glenn "is being pushed big-time by Adam Tafralis, who looked ready when I watched practice."

But I have to disagree with Dunigan on this. Russ may have said it best with this quote:

My prediction is that if things break well, Tafralis will be in the backup mix by the end of the year. That is a developmental question. It's too early to ordain that! If Porter goes down for any period of time this year, [b]I want an experienced hand at the wheel![/b]
Glenn was brought here for a reason. The reason being that he could give better QB insurance than the other QBs on the roster, including Tafralis, could give. Perhaps Tafralis will move ahead of Glenn on the depth chart, but I don't see an such an inexperienced QB taking the place of an experienced one anytime soon.

Ideally, Porter will be considered good enough to start, and Glenn will be a good experienced placeholder until Tafralis is ready to take his place.

Dunigan isn't a coach on the Cats staff so I could care less what he thinks. There is a reason his coaching career was so short. He is definitely the dumb jock of the TSN panel.

What happens if Porter goes down! and Glenn goes in and tanks.he has been known for that.
Then you put in Tafralis who you have not given any game reps and he is like a duck out of water.
Glenn needs no more reps! Have Tafralis take all the backup reps so you have 3 QB's you can count on! :rockin:

Let's not forget the number of hits to head ol Matty D has taken...Bottom line is this team needs to field a much more competitive team this year and it will take a combination of QB's to get that done...I dont care if it's Glenn or Trafalis or we get Chuck Ealey out of retirement...lets just win

You know Glenn has had more success in the CFL than all three of our rookie QBs put together. Those on the list who are writing him off now are probably the same ones who wrote off calvillo before the start of last season.And we all know how that turned out. Give the guy a chance to prove what he can do and then go on the attack if he can't deliver. Given the right circumstances, I am convinced he can still be a very effective quarterback.

Tafralis wont be back next year, they should have kept Meyers or Betts over him, he's just not accurate enough.

Dunnigan has always had a hate on for Glenn.

OK coach..

By the way.. there is no dumber emoticon than that stupid head banger.

Dunnigan knows what he's talking about. Doesn't mean what he thinks will win games, it's what he thinks is best for the club overall to win games. It all depends on the philosophy on exactly why he was brought to Hamilton and how healthy the qb's are. We'll see what happens. I'm sticking to I want Porter to start personally.

Earl you got it right. Also I would be very unhappy if they started Glenn, Porter deserves to start.
I wouldn't be unhappy if Glenn never played a down this year.

I think Jock Clime is the dumb jock of the panel. I have far more respect for Shultz and Dunigan than I ever will for Clime.

Clime is Slimey

How about if Glenn said to you that he hopes you never have success in your life? Fans like you are a cancer to the rest of us. Don't you have a puppy to kick or something?

Are you as miserable in person as you come off on this forum?


Hey kettle....This is the pot.....You're black!

If Glenn doesn't see the field that means our starter is playing great. I'm sure Colts fans aren't on the edge of their seats hoping Jim Sorgi gets in the game.

Not at all. I simply have no tolerance for cancerous fans that centre out a player in a negative way on a team they claim to be a fan of. A fan supports ALL players on their team and has faith in the coaches choices of who starts.

How do you know who is or is not getting the reps. I bet that all 3 are getting it. That was the way in B.C., and OB is emulating that pattern. I would not be surprised if towards the tail end of the season, you won't see any of the 3 QBs starting, if the previous one is failing.

:thup: :thup: :thup:

Please don't associate yourself and cancer in the same breath. Cancer is not a joke.

Jock Climie is now “tainted” we must remember as he is a lawyer. :wink:

No disrespect to lawyers out there, when I need one and I’m in the wrong, I want the most tainted one available. :wink: