I (Temporarily) Withdraw My Comment

Last week I called for the head of Paul LaPolice. I humbly retract that statement.

I have to add that I still reserve the right to return to that previous position in the future.

This week, though, I must admit that Mr. LaPolice showed he learned something from previous games. At least in the first half.
He had his backs running through different holes, and mixed up his play calls much more effectively, with less telegraphing.

I know, some of it was execution, which was lacking in previous weeks, but executing plays is easier when those plays go to your strengths. Congrats to the Sask OC, who realized that this week. The third quarter remains a blip, as the Rider staff still seems to have a blind spot where it comes to anticipating the other teams’ half time adjustments, but they managed to pull it together for the fourth.

Lets hope that the trend continues, as its a short week, a long trip, and a really tough opponent on Friday.

(BTW, my wife STILL can’t believe I am admitting to being mistaken in my opinion. Something about “didn’t think it was in my genetic code”…)