I take it all back

Last week I defended Coach Taaffe from the onslaught of people calling for his head. I still believe there are a bunch of players who still need to perform, however, having been at the game today I can make the following observations:

At least 2 times the punt return team only had 11 players on the field. That was just the few times I noticed.

Armstead: The special teams coach is telling him to back up and he's visibly ignoring the coach. The ball goes over his head and he nearly fumbles it. Furthermore, he didn't run hard once to track down catchable balls.

Going for 2 points - there was no logic to this call, and when Toronto scored on a single from a punt (another time Armstead let the ball hit the ground) it forced Hamilton to need to score three times.

All this points to a coach who doesn't have a grip. I think its also telling what Hitchcock said during the half time, practically directed solely at Taaffe - 1) He should have been back for another year; and
2) His former coaches were one's where you listened to them or you hit the road.

I think all of these things are evidence that Taaffe isn't the man.

As an aside - I feel bad for Jason Maas. Good guy, works like an animal, can't help but shoot himself in the foot. Its time for the ticats to play spoiler for the rest of the year - train Timmy to be the starter, solidify the secondary and gel the defence so they can continue to be the strong point of the team, and its time to stop trading for receivers and get some gamebreaking O-linemen to protect our investments in the backfield.

I also am VERY disappointed that it was a complete surprise that Jesse Lumsden wasn't going to play today. Talk about taking half the reason to have a hope of seeing a winning game away. Had I known, I may not have driven in from Toronto...


I would start by replacing the offensive
co-ordinater first and see if that helps.

I would start Williams instead of Chang from what I've seen so far of both..

but I do agree with you on the two point convert..there was no reason for it.

start Williams, fire the OC. Heads have to roll to make the other players and coaches take note. There should be an onslaught of NFL cuts in the next week, and anyone not performing out the door. Bring in Danny Barrett as OC and if there is not improvement in the entire team, then Barrett for HC next year with McManus as OC, with Coach Sal as the line coach. Bring back Dennis McPhee and try to win at least two games. That will be one more than this year, but several less than Greg Marshall's worst year.

Start Williams??? HOLY COW!!!! Chang played 1 half, sure he didn't play well, but you have to give the kid a shot...We are the worst fans in football. I for one hope we don't get casey printers, cause we'll end up running him out of town too!

The person at the top of the football operations wears the crown or the horns. Either the GM is brilliant (Tillman comes to mind)or he is not. Desjardins has to wear the 1-8 record of this team. We will probably see Dan Rambo moving up to GM before season's end. I think Taaffe will stay, but he will most likely get an OC and DC with CFL experience for 2008.

I think that the OC is definately on the chopping blocks, but that's only because its easier than the coach - especially after clearing ranks and kicking Marshall out. Its funny though, you have to wonder why Marshall was let go... too many "princesses" in the dressing room to take harsh criticism? Maybe those guys are gone now and maybe that's what this team needs - someone who can really hold some guys accountable.

I couldn't agree with you more and couldn't have said it better myself. The O line coach must go, no doubt about that. Williams does show some promise and should be given more playing time (make him back up after Maas). Chang shows us that he can't function under pressure. He throws the ball way too slow. He gives too much time for the opposing defence to read him and then react, resulting in an interception or blocked pass. I'm still undecided about Taffe. I can go either way on giving him the boot or keeping him. I think any changes at this point however, will only continue to hurt the team.