I Sure Wish We Had Jason Armstead Back

NOT!!!!!! Did you see him take a knee on the 10-yard line on the 'Riders kickoff last night? What was he thinking? A few minutes later he fumbles a kickoff return and seals the game for the 'Riders. Way to go Jason. The guy has been going downhill every year since his one decent season in Ottawa. We sure don't miss his "experience".

And to add to that Mightypope, why would Montreal have ALL 12 guys up waiting for the onside kick without even having one guy back, considering all the time still left on the clock?

Anyhow, Armstead was a contract casualty here and Obie made the right call to let him go, and i agree with you fully that he has never really showed much since the Ottawa days.

Hope Popp isnt paying him the "going rate" whatever that is. If he is he's getting ripped-off.

i dont understand why so many cfl return guys take a knee inside the 10, take the damn touchback and get better field position, some dudes are too stubborn.

Personally, I've never seen a CFL return guy take a knee at the 10 yard line in my entire life. (Didn't catch the last Montreal game.)

Trestman wont even confirm his status for next game.

Personally, I've never seen a CFL return guy take a knee at the 10 yard line in my entire life
8) Neither have I

I have seen it a few times when the returner realizes he isn't going anywhere and wants to save precious seconds on the clock at the end of a half or the game, instead of wasting it getting tackled and waiting for the play to be stopped. Even then, it is very rare.

This didn't seem to be the case the other night and I couldn't figure out why he did it.

Just glad he is not with the cats. He only ran from side to side. A punt returner needs to head vertical up field after catching the ball.

Like our new returner Tre Smith,
Jason Armstead has agile feet,

but Jason has no where near
the great vision Tre does.

It looks like part of the reason
for that is his concentation

We are far better off with Tre.


That 'fumbled' kick off was a good play by the tackler
more than it was a bad play by Jason Armstead.

Jason had the ball tucked in
against his body with one arm

but the tackler came across his back,
zeroed in on it, hit the bull's eye

and blasted it out of his arm.