I support west harbour !


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lol… u guys are going through the same thing winnipeg did about 8 years ago now.

i just dont understand why the city would be so ignorant and be like… well, we dont care what the guy with tons of money has to say.

Because the guy with the tons of money has yet to commit even $1 to the the project. Bob and his backers need to disclose what their contribution to the stadium is going to be, based on the sites identified so far. The City is committing almost $60 million from their future services reserve fund.....right now they should have the most say.

The Cats won't contribute to a stadium they don't want. Thats all the say they have but the city risks losing the stadium and/or the Cats if they don't take the needs of the Cats into consideration. Mayor Fred is not working for the benefit of Hamilton when he pushes a plan for a money pit

I won't support another crappy attempt at making our downtown core better. If no business wants to go there how will a stadium fix this. Sorry city you get and build business a stadium is the final touches on a rejuvenated downtown core not the beginnings. As usual Hamilton does things ass backwards and will go a head and build another worthless stadium with no team to play in it. Bravo!!! Downtown is ugly lacks onsite parking which is not only convient for fans but a revenue stream for the team. Sorry city inflated rent and no extra streams of revenue for Bob make this a horrible investment for him.

I would'nt sign this at all...

The West Harbour site is a dog...

Forget about it because if the city tries to force this on the team,the team will NOT be here!

It's too bad that politicians just won't listen to a successful business person like Bob Young, he knows what he's taling about and he's successful becuase he's made the right decisions.

It's too bad that politicians are normally the usual lawyers, social workers etc and very few know anything about business and making money.

That why Citys never make money

ADAWG is Somebody who sees this whole pile of crap for what it is, After they build it at the west harbor they can stack beside the other white elephants Copps, Hamilton Place,Hamilton Art Gallery, The convention center and Jackson Square since they've done so well bringing the people back to the downtown core. Downtown is dead and it's not coming back and 10 football games a year certainly won't help it any.

It's hardly dead. Many people, including myself, visit those facilities regularly.

What the downtown needs, is poeple living there who have disposbale income. The stadium and the Tiger-Cats is another reason to live downtown.

Kirk, I visit Copps as well but tend to agree the downtown core is dead. I don’t think is beyond resuscitation but those facilities have done precious little to jumpstart a revival and neither will a stadium thats in use 10 times per year. You are correct we need to get more people working and living in the core. Nothing else matters to the prospect of cleaning up the cesspool. A stadium will not attract residents, Cleaning up vacant buildings and building attractive housing will.

I'm not so sure. I'm one. When Balsillie had his bid in, I was seriously considering moving downtown so that I could have seasons tickets to both the NHL and CFL teams and walk to them! No B.S. I had money down for four seasons tickets during Balsillie's Predators bid.

Also, IIRC, I think it was David Adames who said that their was a spark of interest when west harbour was approved by the city. I believe it is happening.

Cleaning up vacant buildings and building attractive housing will.
Agreed, and again, I believe it is happening right now.

I believe the NHL club would encourage a large influx of new residents. My belief is that the Cats would encourage almost nobody to relocate to the core.

Agreed clean up is happening but if we are going to use the future fund to facilitate that we should be using that money to develop projects ourselves that private enterprise won't touch because it may lose a million or 2

There's a huge difference between 10 nights for football and 42 nights of NHL hockey. And you are right that the downtown needs more people in it and the derelict buildings taken care of. A stadium will not help that. All I'm trying to say about Copps,Hamilton Place...etc is that those places were supposed to help ressurect the core and they haven't helped in the least and a stadium down there will not help either. City council and the Mayor need to get their heads out of the sand.

Go west Harbour , sale the Cats Bob

Bob Young is a smart cookie all he's doing is about the west harbour site. Mr. Young is not going to contribute a dime to the stadium on this site but when it is built you can bet he will move his team into the stadium and it won't cost him a dime. He will put a nice scoreboard up and everyone will be happy.

Those were all built well before the core degenerated to it's present state.

Ignorance is bliss... isn't it??

only you would know

Hey Cap… I well remember the urban renewal project that brought us Jackson Square. I loved James and King then but behind it going west down to Locke it was crumbling. So… either the core already WAS in bad shape and these didn’t help OR It wasn’t and these didn’t help it stay in good shape.

Other factors come into play, I believe.