I still think Stegall is as good as Simon.

All game TSN's commentators were talking about Simon being the best player in the league but I still believe Milt Stegall may be just as good a receiver, even at his age.

Even though Geroy Simon has better numbers this year he has had a lot more things in his favor. The two QB's throwing to him this year have been without a doubt have been much more consistantly good than Glenn has been. Then there is Stegall's supporting receivers. Geroy Simon has a much better supporting cast which doesn't allow defences to key on on him entirely like defences have done to Stegall much of the year. Yes the Bombers have Armstrong now which is a great addition to the receiving core but for most of the year Brazzel was our second best receiver (which no offence to him is not very good).

My only point is I think it could still be argued that Stegall is the best receiver in the league.

...sorry, Simon is the Alpha Male receiver in this league....

Actually, Milt had better numbers than Simon when he got hurt. At least I believe he was about 100 yards ahead of him (Simon had more catches).

Clearly Milt, at his age is still formidable. And as you say, he is really the only receiver Winnipeg had most of the season...Geroy has an outstanding group of guys backing him up.
And Milt will go into the hall of fame the day after he is eligable.
But given the injuries, it is hard to deny Simon top dog status this year.
He may set a record, and may be the league MVP.
For my money, it is a race between Joffrey and Geroy.
Before tonight, I gave the edge to Joffrey.
After tonight, Geroy is in the lead.

But I love Milt!!

Awards for best player are based on production. This season, Simon is far ahead of any receiver in the league. Since Roberts has been healthier, he might be nominated instead of Stegall. Voters might split votes between Roberts and Reynolds because both running backs are close statistically. So Simon chances for MVP award look good now.

stegall = simon, IMO.

I have always liked Geroy and I think he has established as the leagues new number one this season.

and to think the Bombers had both of these guys....no wonder Khari had a field-day passing ...back in the day.... :wink: :thup:

I dont think they can say this.. As this implys that he is better than Buck Pierce, Eddie Davis, Ricky Ray, Joffrey Reynolds, Charles Roberts, Milt Stegall, Andrew Greene, Geene Makowisky etc. etc. etc....

Now if they changed the wording to Simon being the best receiver in the league... They may have a case.

So to me this is a pile of crap. Yes, he's up there in the top, but i doubt you can say he is CLEARLY the best.

Well, they will actually give out an award this year that says somebody is the best, so better than all the rest.
Then you line up again next year, and do it again.
It's just bragging rights for this year.
I don't think that anyone is trying to say that if you compare Stegal's career to Simon's, at this stage, that Simon is better.
Just this year.
Simon will have to put up some big numbers over the next several years to be considered on a par with Milt.

Just a note, I don't think Simon was an impact player in his Bomber days..didn't they cut him?

...no-way did the Bombers cut him....he went to the nfl chiefs for a try-out...and Taman didn't want to re-sign him...Geroy said it was a bad mistake ..and he should never have left...the lions gave him another shot....He was a damn good receiver for the BigBlue.... :thup: :wink:

I am sure some of the promise was there while in Winnipeg, but he only got 1000 yards total in his 2 seasons with Winnipeg.
He didn't become a star until 2003.

...i'm sure his stats. were quite good with the BluenGold....to rate an nfl tryout...but heh the potential was always there...i think Khari had a favourite receiver in those days...to go along with Arland Bruce 111....and his name is Milt...you can only spread the ball so far.. :wink: :lol:

50 or so catches for 700+ yards in his second season...but I agree the potential was there.
And I also agree it was the Uncle Milton Show for sure.

Sometimes receivers need to move on to prosper.
Winnipeg did cut Joey Walters. Mind you, the guy who replaced him wasn't bad either, though for the life of me I can't spit out his name right now......

Eugene Goodlow...!

I have to disagree. Milt is a good reciever but no where near Geroy. He's in a class of his own. That one handed catch yesterday was absolutely sickening. Covered made it look so easy and stayed in bounds.

The Calgary receivers better shut-up now.

Milt Stegall's awesome, but words cannot describe Geroy Simon.

When Simon catches up to Stegal in records we will have this discussion!

No, we will have it now.

Have you watched any football this season, redwhite2005? I don't know if Stegall and Simon are really comparable. Stegall is definitely the second best reciever in the league and his game-winning TD against Edmonton was unbelievable, but Geroy Simon is the best reciever in the Canadian Football League - HANDS DOWN.

Well said bclions4life. You are right on track with this one. You can make the case that Stegall has done more over his career, because he has. However, over the last 4-5 seasons, there's no other receiver I'd want than Geroy. I'm sure most would agree with that.