I still have confidence in Riders

I've been away in hospital since Riders lost to Calgary, and thank goodness I'm back home a getting a chance to catch up on Riderville. I've read an awful lot of really good thoughts from all of you on what Riders coaches and players need to do to get things back to winning. I have full confidence in Coach C and his other coaches. They will get this little streak turned around, and I look for better results as we move along.
Injuries have hurt the secondary and the pass rush may need to be tweaked or get a little more consistent. The O-line is fantastic, they should be bulling more in short yardage, and the playcalling could be a little wiser at times. They had to lose a couple to learn how to close the deal. I don't think there's a whole lot wrong with this team, especially compared to last year. That's all I got for what it's worth.

Great to have you back Rob, hope everything is well with you health wise. The Bye week came at a good time for the team. I hope they come out firing and play agressive.

Thanks very much, Starbuck. I'm really glad to be home and back on Riderville. I've got a ways to go healthwise, but I think I'm making progress and am on the right track with the right medical people behind me. I also think the Riders will getting back on the right track real soon. With the coaches and players they've added and keep adding, I expect them to be in the thick of things all this season. I've been a fan since I got hooked as a teenager in 1963. I was around for the glory years of the 60's and 70's. I stuck around when the years and decades got a whole lot leaner. Even in the lean times, win or lose, all I wanted the Riders to be was competitive and entertaining. They definitely weren't that way last year, but they sure are this year, and I want them to keep building on that indefinitely. Thanks again. Rob

I am a really big CFL fan and in the off season I could only applaud at the approach that Tamam and Chamblin took in turning this team around this year. 1st they really did some great scouting and brought in a variety of good football players from a variety of places instead of going with the same old retread players who have not been successful but have CFL experience. A lot of NFL free agents were brought in with the thought that a good football player can adjust to the differences in the US and Canadian game and they will be blazing a trail when it comes to this. There is so much more exposure for US players to the CFL then ever before and the Riders have spotted that with the likes of sheets, Drew Willy and so many more. Went out and got the offensive line in order first with two top free agents along with the top Lineman in the draft. Xavier Fulton a solid NFL Vet has quietly done an awesome job at left tackle. Patrick Neufeld has really been a great.
They created competition at every position and continue to do so each week.
At present time the struggle looking for that 3rd receiver since Bagg has gone down with injury. They are audtioning guys now and the answer may lie in sincorice Moss waiting for him to be 100% may be the key to their season. if he comes back 100% he will be tough in the return game and at receiver. This may help the D backfield with Tristian Jackson back at the CB full time.

Still just love how the Riders have turned it around and they way they did it

The big thing is in the first 3 games the club played turnover free football. The turnovers that the club has suffered the past few games have not been 'bad' turnovers...at least a few of the INTs where very nice defensive plays...t/os are simply a part of the game. The big thing is that the D has not forced turnovers. If you win the t/o battle you generally win a game. Take away that Dressler fumble, and this was likely a win. They played a pretty respectable game overall, and had pretty good play calling. My main points out of this are, again:

  • What is West's role, and why is the starting RB even lined up for returns? Time to give Rankin a shot.
  • McKenzie / Graham are a concern. McKenzie seemed to do okay when Graham was out a few weeks back. Hopefully Turenne is back soon. That being said...put somebody else back to return kicks and use Jackson. Returns are a beautiful bonus, but the Secondary needs to be solidified. neither McKenzie or Graham looked good, but like I said, McKenzie seemed to do okay playing with someone else. It was the Achilles heel of the D.
  • Will Picard be out? The OL coach needs to see when a guy is struggling, and not risk further injury plus risk the QB and running game. Picard is a big part of that line, but he should have been yanked.
  • Hopefully they have made some decisions at WR. DD seemed to have good chemistry with all of them, so it will be a tough call. Sanders made the D be scared of the short pass, while Harris and Smith offered more of a deeper threat.
  • Why was Veikune demoted? Thought he played well. That said, Mick Williams looks like he will be a beast once he learns the Canadian game, if his tempter is kept in control. Sorry Alford, but Shologan needs a NI backup...Evans...once he is off the IR.