I still don't understand why Cats let Butler go?

I still don't understand why the Ti-Cats let Rocky Butler go especially after trading D.J. Flick and Wayne Smith for the guy. He was the main guy in Sask last year, he played great off the bench, not like our guy Maas who can't throw one TD in the last many games going back to sometime last year???

This team has always let good QB's slip away, like Butler, Calvillo, Tom Clements the list go's on and on and I would expect with the high priced scouting talent the Cats have that we could stack this team with good QB's to replace Maas from the States.

I hope the Cats win tonight but Jason Maas needs to come out firing the ball downfeild for more than 5 yards at a time and produce a winner this evening, I would satisfied with a win and more convinced of a Ti-Cat turnaround if this team was to handle Montreal and beat them by 20 plus points, I doubt it but you never know. I hear Butler may go to Toronto or B.C. watch he will join one of those teams and be a star, with the Cats he was cut, strange, strange management in Hamilton!!

Go Cats Go!!!!!

Agreed garthman. I also believe at one time we has a young talent by the name of Damon Allen. But he was just a flash in the pan an never really turned out.

Money talks BS walks, hey they think Williams is better and cheaper the Argos seem to have deep pockets and a very flexible cap :lol:

It amazes me how we keep letting good talent slip away, especially when Butler wasen't even given the chance to play in a regular season game? Marcel and management cut the guy following training camp, so he has a crappy camp? What about what the guy did last year in Regina, he played great and at that pace could out-perform Maas any day!!!

Butler was told he wasnt gonna start so he said i dont want to be a backup qb any more so he asked to be released

Butler was let go because of Bob. He's in love with Williams for some unknown reason. Even stated as much here. Now you have lame duck Maas who still stinks and in my opinion always will still here and they let go an excellent quarterback like Butler. Maas presence and failure is killing us in more ways than one.

Allen signed for 1 year with the cats as a way to rejuvenate the franchise. The team was 11-7 with Allen and averaged over 20,000 fans a game for the first time in 11 seasons. I think when Allen signed in 1992 everyone pretty much new it was going to be short term.

I never understood why Tom Clements left. He was traded to Winnipeg for Dieter Brock for about the same money and then went on to win MVP's and Cups, while Dieter left after 2 seasons to go to the NFL. Was Harold Ballard to blame for that mess?

in that exhibition game rocky butler was 3 for 6 with an interception and a fumble

not really the best stats

He came - he did not perform - was demoted - had a tantrum and was let go. Another ego guy. He had to walk in the dressing room sideways - his head was too (**&&^ fat.................

Butler was never any good in Saskatchewan, except playing against us when we were lousy, with the help of about 300 yards rushing.
(Yes, I know we're still lousy.)

No, he was never really that good in Saskatchewan. He sat on the bench for 5 years as a 3rd stringer, then he got his oppurtunity against Hamilton last year, and lit it up in 2 games. But when Kerry was healthy again, he was back to 2nd or 3rd string

Marcel Wanted him to stay .
But Rocky didnt want to be #4 on Depth Chart
He asked Marcel for his Release.
Marcel wants players who want to be here
so he cut Rocky
Marcel also wants Players who Honor there contracts.
unlike Sam Young.
Sam and his Agent cost him his job.
You don't Honor your deal or Work hard your Gone.
We Finally have a Coach and GM
who are not afraid of Change Be grateful.