I stand by original assessment...

...both coordinators need to go.

The defence was playing well in the redzone in the first half... but they kept letting the Calgary offence get to the redzone. Then the second half came, and there wasn't much they could stop. Jim Daley needs to go.

The offence was just horrible!!! The Calgary defence gave the Edmonton offence more yard in the fourth quarter from penalties than the Edmonton offence was able to get in the entire third quarter. That's pathetic!!! We saw the same lame, uninspired play calling, and once again the QB and receivers were off. The Kevin Strasser experiment has been nothing but a failure. Bring back Worman... or get a real OC. :roll:

...wouldn't be too surprised to see Worman in the Peg next year :roll: :roll: also i think Ray is done in edm. ...time to move on and make a deal for him chief.. :wink:

Get your grubby hands off of Ray! :lol:

That'd suck if Worman goes to Winnipeg. Are you sure you guys wouldn't be more interested in taking Strasser? :smiley:

Strasser is a joke, 2nd and 20 and our usual screen pass for 2 yards. He may be the only co-ordinator in the league more inept than Jim Daley.