I stand alone

Amidst all of the chaos in this tantamount decision to annul Roberts as a long time bomber:

  1. do not confuse the fans as a pigeon hole for tamans miscarriage of justice. (i.e. trading roberts)

  2. as a fan I do not blame taman for lack of a motive (e.g. crappy running game) to make this trade.

  3. Even though we - mostly I - am critical of this organizations managment situation, more specifically involving the private ownership collusion.

In all honesty, watching this season become what it has, viewing the complacency on ourbombers, especially toward a futile effort on the field it is sad to see Charles take the fall so close to 10,000.
I would've stuck by Roberts, even though I wish we never traded him, I cannot say I support the decision to sell out roberts for lack of a better backfield. However, this is not my vision as I am consciously aware it is that of Taman.

We sold out Roberts in spite of Taman's trade. It is embarassing.

That is the truth. ^

Somebody had to say it, so here.

^ I’m not going to make another thread, so about this next topic re: milt. I am not going to accept you being traded. No way - no how. Life without roberts is enough for one fan. Thanks for toughing it out this season, we’re not that bad, but roberts should still be a bomber.

Bigco you could not have said it better. Some will think Taman as a hero. In reality he should be flushed down the toilet.

I respect the fact (which I am speaking to you of course) in this case, when somebody reads something. You take it for what it is.

There'll be some that deliberately foil the context, so without turning the other cheek that'll outright refuse it. It's see no evil hear no evil. Rather than face the denial, they fake their understanding of it. (i.e. ourbombers)

Now that we hear about Smith, his gardening, his garbage picking, his lack of conceit that vancouver brainwashes everyone for. . . it does not speak for the football country Winnipeg undoubtedly is. BC does not even compare a sniff of what Roberts leaves behind here. That is what people are complaining about, when they should be focused on how poorly managed this team is resulted in trading a Bomber great.

Smith is a great back to be certain.