I spoke to Kevin Eiben and....

Kevin Eiben was at the Toronto Rock Lacrosse game Saturday night and I had a chance to welcome him to Tigertown on behalf of the Lot J Tailgate Community.
The guy is ripped he looks like he can take the field today!
Kevin is very stoked to be coming to play in Hamilton. He very happy to be with the team, and really looking forward to be playing infront of the Ticat fans.
As I was saying goodbye he smiled and said "We're going to be flying out there!" :rockin:
Love his attitude and he's a welcome addition to the family.

Nice! The guy always shows a game face to me, you can tell he just loves playing the game.

Jare, I didn’t have my glasses on when I read the thread title. i thought you said Kevin Eakin… lol

Although Pinball was supposedly the only blew team member that Cat fans failed to hate, I would have to say that I always respected and somewhat feared Kevin Eiben. He was, and is, a very good football player. It's great that he will be in black and gold this year. You could almost say that it was fate as he always played like a tiger for the blew team.


There were lots of "blew" team members over the years that I refused to hate. In fact I had a lot of respect for many of them. Joe Krol certainly comes to mind along with several others too numerous to mention here. I had a lot of respect
for Masssotti who was born and raised here and his father, Dennis Massotti and I attended school together at St. Emeric's
Catholic School which once stood in Hamilton's north end. We were the same age and took the same classes.

Sure, I would agree that all or most Hamilton fans loved Pinball, but there were many others. The rivalry that exists
between the two teams has always been there, And I would hope, mostly in fun and as a source of entertainment) but that doesn't mean we can't respect a good football player regardless of his background and Toronto had many.

Very well and truly said.

Personally, I loved it when Cleo Lemon played for the Argos