I sort of hate to say this but...

it seems to me the fact is the CFL doesn’t need an Ottawa franchise, and an 8 team league is fine for this league. First off, sold out stadium in Calgary, great game, great time by the fans there. And in the east, Ottawa or no Ottawa the crowd yesterday at the Rogers Centre would be the same as other factors playing in to this one ie. Raptors game, NFL Canada taking fans to a Bills game, Argos playing poorly for the last 2 home games. And an Ottawa or not an Ottawa won’t mean anything for next weeks games or the Grey Cup.

Damien Cox probably summed it best with the title and subtitle of his article in The Star. The reason I say this is because the CFL is so unique, the only pro Canadian sports league, really, it will always be a bit of everything all the time and in the end, as long as there is no big crisis, well, that IS really ok I think and just the way it will be:

Is the CFL on stable ground or stagnating?
Damien Cox says league faces several hurdles, but nothing even close to a crisis

[url=http://www.thestar.com/NASApp/cs/ContentServer?pagename=thestar/Layout/Article_Type1&c=Article&cid=1162680609997&call_pageid=970599119419]http://www.thestar.com/NASApp/cs/Conten ... 0599119419[/url]

I would rather have a 10 team league, and if that's going to happen, Ottawa should be back. Athough this year's sched was messed up with the late Ottawa drop, playing one team 4 times seems like a little much...

Yes, it was a great day to be at McMahon..... :slight_smile:

Great day to be at McMahon... unless you were a Stamp fan!

There were very few of them left by the end..... but the corners, well, the three I could see from my corner, were still full of fans... sure, they were wearing green, but.... :slight_smile:

And the east semi was, well, unbelieveably exciting. Hey, I'd love Ottawa but we really just don't need them, nice to have them but we don't need them I don't see.

I didn't read the article Earl, maybe he makes a point in there that would make me lean that way... but, as long as they don't call themselves roughriders again, I'd love to have them back.

You know I agree with you. I mean Ottawa has folded what 3 times now? Thats not very good. No offence to the city or its real fans, but I’m not sure if it is the best thing to pursue right now.

Yeah you're right Jman and Earl. You don't need us back in.

we need ottawa ( or QC )...

this season wasn't as good as last year partly cuz the schedule was made in a weeks notice, partly cuz the rule changes were crap, and part because there was only 8 teams...

ottawa added some much needed variety to the weekly matchups.

The CFL can definitely do alright with 8 teams. However, if the league is ever going to reach it's maximum potential, it will have to find a way to get into areas that it presently isn't in. As for Halifax, it's just a waiting game. If Halifax wins the 2014 Commonwealth Games bid on November 9, 2007, then a stadium will be built in either 2008 or 2009 and a team will quickly follow. Otherwise, expansion will die.

In a league that was missing some of the excitement and offensive prowess, why water down the talent even more-so with an expansion draft? just so we can all redraft the players when Ottawa goes under again in 3 seasons?

the league needs to concentrate on other things; than finding some business maroon to throw a few million away in Ottawa.


And it will be eight teams next year, because the right owner still haven't been found.

Glad to see the league is not rushing into expanding with blinders on.

The Ottawa fans did not support the Renegades and with their history will not likely support another team in future.Ottawa is a lost cause for the CFL.We are having good drawing teams now!Lets not again dilute the CFL product!

I am not against fans from Ottawa, but you cant like what expansion to Ottawa would do to the CFL. All it does is unfortunately cost the league money, as well as some rich guy... Obviously the league itself is doing pretty good lately, but I'm not sure if it is worth should rocking the financial boat, because we might end up tipping it. Im not saying dont ever go back to Ottawa, but I dont think it is a good idea to do it so damn soon.

Having more expansion teams also lowers the over all talent of each team, as all of the talented players are being split up amongst more teams.