I Sometimes Wonder Why

Damen Allen was not a first round HOF pick
Why is Sonny Wade not in HOF.-3 GC and 3 GC MVP
Some want media to be cheerleaders for CFL
Why teams do not require GM to live year round in their city
any more?

Agreed on Damon Allen, but I don’t know who the other inductees were at that time. He should get there next round though. ABSOLUTELY can’t understand why
Sonny Wade isn’t there with those numbers. Media question is a more complicated thing. It’s good to be honest but constructive too.
As far as GM’s go, nobody should tell anybody where to live.

Good questions....

do you think it is wrong for the employer to state that the job requires full time residency?

I don’t necessarily think it’s wrong. An employer can require whatever they deem
Important (within the law, of course.) A dedicated GM probably would do this.
Some may decline. There must be some reason teams don’t put that stipulation in their GM contracts. Maybe some do? I’m not sure if the public is privy to that kind of info.

Employers ask this for a variety of reasons. Even outside of sports world.

I think it is a bit much though. No offence to a strong community team such as Sask but I think if I was a GM I would much prefer to live in a more major city; not just for communications but to have far easier access to important people for my organization.

Beyond being around for a parade or media scrum I can not see much advantage to living in the city I work for.

I sometimes wonder why groups of people stand and chit- chat in high traffic areas or cut in front of me in the beer line.
I sometimes wonder why the Al’s were by far the best team in a season and choked in the Grey Cup.
I sometimes wonder why people don’t leave a tip for those hard working vendors.
I sometimes wonder why going to a stadium for a CFL game is one of the best things in life. Doesn’t matter, it just is.

Sure ....... if you live in Winnipeg or Saskatchewan

Games in Ottawa are fantastic...even as a season ticket-holding, Als jersey-wearing patron.
Great comradery, and atmosphere with passionate fans. Moving from Montreal to Ottawa has been seamless for my CFL addiction.
Can’t say the same about Sens home games. Sorry.

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Damon Allen has been in the HOP since 2012

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That makes sense. Well deserved. I didn’t post it, just assumed it was true.

I sometimes wonder why people pay for a ticket to watch Hockey, Lacrosse, Football, and etc, yet don't even sit in their seat, nor pay attention to the game. Just a big gab fest in the concession areas, which leads to more congestion.


I think you may have misunderstood
What he was saying was that he should have gotten in during his first year of eligibility (2011) which was very surprising

He did not get in until his second year

Same thing with sidewalks and grocery stores. They’re just dumb pet-peeves, but they really get under my skin. It’s the self-centered lack of consideration.
Consarnit! Dagnab those younglings.

Merci monsieur.

are coaches required to live in town year round?

I would guess they’d get a couple of months post- season to do whatever.

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Sonny Wade has been underrated he had a stellar career, and I agree he should get more consideration for the HOF.

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That's the new trend at football games. Especially in Ottawa and Hamilton where you can stand on the concourse and be at one of those round table to watch the game from there. Or stand on the walkway behind the end zone or that party area in Ottawa behind the west end zone.
A lot of empty seats because many are standing around drinking and talking.


There’s nothing wrong with drinking and talking...BUT GET THE HELL OUT OF MY WAY!
I hate those round tables. I like the old trend of actually watching the game. From your seat. With your beer. Yelling at the ref.
At least those people are there, supporting the team in their own way, and having fun. But please get out of this cranky oldish man’s way. His beer is empty.