I smell a cup in Ottawa's future!

I just wanna say Ottawa has done very well these past 2 weeks and if this countiunes I think will see the Cup back in Ottawa very soon.

Maybe in 2006! THAT WOULD BE SOMETHING, I'D LOVE TO SEE OTTAWA WIN THE CUP UNDER THE GADES NAME IN WINNIPEG!!! I'm already going to buy the 2006 Winnipeg Grey Cup DVD when it comes out, and I'd love to see that, 2nd to Winnipeg winning it!

Teams I'd like to see the the 2006 Cup (same goes for team I want to win it):

  1. Winnipeg
  2. Ottawa
  3. Hamilton
  4. Montreal
  5. Toronto
  6. Calgary
  7. BC
  8. Saskatchewan
  9. Edmonton

Anyway, this topic is abou Ottawa's playoff chances this season and their potentsal future Grey Cup! Ottawa is showing a lot of promise! :wink:

Edmonton will win the Grey Cup next year. :smiley:

You heard it here first...

Yeah right! :roll:

not in the peg, NO WAY!!!

They will be strong this year, but will need a season to gel and impliment new players into the system. I agree, a Grey Cup for the Esks next year.

Your sense of smell is better than mine, I smell something all right but I don't think its a cup!

Oh there will be a cup in Ottawa next year... the sponsorship Bowl

From what I've seen so far, one of the 3 power houses of the West will be hoisting the cup this year. I prefer to see SSK, but either B.C or Edmonton could also take it.

Wishful thinking KK They have a long ways to go yet. As the season moves along, the good teams will execute better.

Not this year KK.
Besides, I want them to win under the name Ottawa Rough Riders. Then we can say that we've won 10 Cups. If the Renegades win, they will be labelled as first time winners. And that's not right.

Go Rough, er , I mean, Renegades Go!!
Bring Back Capital Punishment!

Just like the Senators take ownership of cups won by the Silver Seven, The Renegades should take those won by the Rough Riders.

And really, who cares about the nickname? It's really the city that matters. You think Quebecers could care less about Colorado winning the cup? I doubt it. I know I wouldn't if I was in the same position.

Bring back the R logo, but let the Rough Rider name die (in Ottawa). Do we really want to be the "other" Rough Riders again? I know I don't.

And, by the way, I don't care if we had it first. We changed it to the Senators and Saskatchewan took it. Then we changed it back. So, technically, it's there's.

Right on, Gades!!!

I still smell a cup in Ottawa's future.

Ottawa is probably going to be awarded a Grey Cup game in the near future....if the Gleibermans can keep the team there....don't like their attendance figures of late though..

That’s a jock strap cup KK. Bring out the smelling salts…

Actually I hope the Renegades become champions and I’m sure they will if they can keep things together.

Wait, wait, wait.
You mean Ottawa doest have any cups yet???
I though they came with your standard football equipment.
Those are some brave men

When I hear Renegades I only smell one thing!