I shall never doubt Eric The Red ever again!!!

I'm sure most of you have seen or heard of the posts of a supposed Eric Tillman under the name HappyToBeGreen. I was a major doubter that it was actually him. I just wanted to let evryone know that I now know for certain that it is, in fact ET. I wanna thank him for taking time to not only set me straight, but also everyone else on this board. BTW where is mike now? I look forward to the real insight and info he can provide to us non ridercult.com members. I am now off to go buy my third rider share, thnx again

To explain, I was PM'd a number and asked to phone to verify that I'm authentic. Glad I did and enjoyed the conversation, Tyler. And, thanks for your support of our club. Really appreciate you buying another share!!!

I know you dont want to get into 100 questions happy to be green
Just curious, when will rider nation be the host city of the grey cup?
I do realize there has been new stadium talk (enclosed/not enclosed) or even repairing Taylor Field (it will always be Taylor Field to me)
It was one hell of a party plus a good boost to our economy.
Also thank you for taking the time to be here
Me being out of the province now but will always bleed green :rockin: , this forum keeps me informed.


I am not sure who it was, but I think it was someone on the board, who was quoted in the paper, that 2013 we are getting it.
It was an article about possibility of domes and such. But his quote sounded for sure.

better be 2012! (unless my math is off but that should be 100th correct?)

thanks for info