I see 3-0!!

Ok after watching the Montreal Game vs Edmonton, LIVE. I am confident that the Riders will win next week.

the Eskimos I don't think are really that good. they have a lack of composure, gave up pretty easy.. and they struggle to score the big points.

plus their defense has holes and now more injuries.

Riders will be 3-0! I have no hesitations there.

I was impressed with Saskatchewan's play calling against the Lions yesterday. ( I mean they owned them in the second half ) The Green riders looked like the Green Machine and are well deserved to place at #1 rank. Coach Ken Miller/QB Durant are class acts in my books. As for the Eskimo's loss; It's a tough pill to digest for sure, but win or lose I stick by them no matter what. Just wondering if you/anybody was listening to the after game talk on the radio? I'm sure some Eskimo fans calling in are pretty upset big time.

ya I heard some of it.

they seem to be calling for Ray's head. some of them really see the issues yet some take it a little too far.

Don't get over-confident, although I wouldn't be changing my Pro-line ticket to go against or even a tie in that game, this IS the CFL, and we've seen this scenario a hundred times. Ricky Ray will bring his game, because that just what RR does!

I loved this comment from Kent Gilchrist's column in "The Province" newspaper out of BC:

"They have the gun in Durant, the bullets in the best set of receivers in the league and an offensive line that keeps Durant mostly perpendicular to the artificial grass."

After the B.C. game, I would add the "Napalm in the defense to surpress offensive attacks being even remotely contemplated". Too over the top? Nahhh........... :lol: Chick and Baggs were huge losses, but Hawkins coming in? Holy crap! That guy has some serious wheels! Goes to show you that the world isn't over when the big stars leave!

ya the people outside of Saskatchewan were acting like it was game over for the Riders because they lost these 3 guys Williams, Chick and Baggs..

but what the heck? it's not like the Riders haven't been able to find people before!

they found Hawkins didn't they? :roll:

besides I've heard some good news..

apparently Chick is 4th on the depth chart. he might not be too sure of the spot everyone figured he'd have!! plus Baggs I think will likely get released.

and we don't need Williams. he's been replaced.

Just think, we get Chick and Baggs back? and we have Hawkins? OH OH..

I'd be afraid if I were the opposition!

After being at the Sask BC game and watching Edmonton's game against Montreal, I would say 3-0 is a pretty safe bet.

One thing that the Riders have been under Miller and Austin is not complacent. These guys don't go into games over confident. On one hand it was nice to see Edmonton lose as they are a divisional rival, on the other hand it would have been nice to have them come into town on a winning note and they wouldn't be as hungry or desperate. I'm not writing off the Eskimo's just yet, they did beat a very good Rider team last year twice in our barn.

ya but there's one big difference from last year to this year.

last year Durant did not have the confidence and drive that he's got 2 games in at this point!

He's smoking so far.. not at all like 2009.

The Esks don't look all that impressive to be honest, despite their effort vs Montreal.

The Riders have looked really good thus far, and they should win this game, but this is the CFL and anything can happen. You're almost getting a bit cocky already Cflisbest, I like your enthusiasm but the Riders are going to be playing a desperate football team.

desperate? yes.. good enough? no..

Riders have something different I feel.

trying hard not to be cocky.

Logically 3 and O is definitely a possiblity but not a certainty. The Riders have to stay grounded and not buy into the hype.
For example I don’t know if Miller challenging the team to score 60 points against BC is a good strategy - it provides fuel to the oppositions’ fire. As it turned out we probably could’ve scored 60 last week but we cannot walk on the field Saturday and expect Edmonton to roll over and play dead. They would love to have their first win of the season to be at the expense of the Riders.

This game is eerily similar to last year. Riders out of the gate at 2 or 3 and 0 or something, Edmonton desperate at 0-2 or 3. Riders lead 23-0 at halftime, and Edmonton comes back to win, and gets the confidence they needed for the rest of the season to make playoffs.

as I already said, the biggest difference from the previous season is our QB’s confidence!

we have a Quarterback who’s confident and playing extremely well!

that alone is the difference!

I was going to mention something like this, actually. I like to believe I'm an not too much of an optimist when I predict we're winning this one as well but I remember being at the beach last year listening to the radio when Edmonton basically tore us apart on home turf. Rawr. Generally my same advice from last week stands (and always will for that matter), if the Riders don't get too arrogant we should have this one in the bag. Fortunately, even if they do get arrogant we have home field for certain this time which will help keep Edmonton under wraps if they start to pick up any momentum.

Riders should win it by a decent margin.

You forgot patience, What I liked (or disliked... :wink: ) was that Durrant was very patient and didn't force the ball into coverage like Printers tends to do. He has matured alot, and that is good news for the Riders.

Riders by 40. This could be the week they put 60 on the board.

AMEN to that!

Printers isn't what he used to be and never will be again.The league's changed, his style of scrambling and weak passes are well noted and much easier taken care of these days.Durant is the now/future star scrambler and precision passers.


Not trying to be over confident or anything, but no team other than Montreal to this point in the season has matched Saskatchewan's intensity. Calgary, although they have won two games, looked mediocre. They looked mediocre again tonight and lost. Here is hoping this continues for the rest of the season.

Always remember the game is played on the field, not in the media. Remember the Esks came into Regina last year and got back on track, after being down 21 or 22-0. Don't count out a Richie Hall coached team.