I Say Cut the Fans

I am absolutely disgusted with the Hamilton Ti-Cat Faithfull at the game last night and on this forum today I can't believe you guys can't realize the problem with the team the problem Is we CUT TO MANY PLAYERS last year we had an allstar roster and didn't win why because we didn't wanna wait for the team to GEL so this year they cut pretty much everybody and now you wanna make the same mistakes It is all part of rebuilding to all the NFL fans out there 7 years ago did u even think the BENGALS would be a contender and look at them now.. The thing that bothered me the most is how you guys Booed JO JO WALKER come on u wanna talk about the players being to sportsmanlike during a game maybe you fans should realize the only players you should boo during a game is the opposing team we were all upset about the fumble for a touchdown but come on How would you feel if everyday you went to work you knew that if u screw up in the wrong way u are gone That is wat is wrong with this TEAM there nerves are shot cuz Charlie Taafe and Marcel have taken some iron fist approach to this team but come on let the guys we got play and lets see the only people on the field i would cut (other then the Refs) would be the o-line

I've been saying that for years now, but it never seems to work

lets start the cut now.
Top of the list is everyone that booed the team

You must be joking, your lucky their are any fans in the seats to boo. I'm pretty sure a couple more games like that and you won't have to worry.

i wish that was the case.
I hope we lose the next 5 games so there wont be any fans.

At 40 bucks a pop fans can do whatever they want. Fans can ask for the heads of as many players as they want. The fans own the team. The fans that are screaming the most are the ones that are spending the most. The people that complain are the ones that paint there faces, buy the beer and put $$$ into this organization. For you to say cut fans because they are vocal is ridiculous.

1-10? Humiliated---again!! Why would I cheer? Don't you think the players expect to get booed? Better days are hopefully down the road but I can't cheer potential.

An Argo-Cat fan

cut the fans? the fans have been spending their hard earned money to go watch that crap for the last six years and have asked for nothing in return except a half decent team. But if you can keep putting fans in the seats, theres no pressure to win, right? just like the Leafs. I've been to 4 games this year and spent at least 500 bucks. i can ask for whatever i want.

but i won't be going back to another one this year that is for sure

What a bunch of crap. People pay hard earned money to watch some form of intertainment. I personally will not make an effort to watch this garbage. I was at the labour day game with my grandson - I dropped $200.00 and left very much unsatisfied as a PAYING CUSTOMER - The fans can boo who ever they like if the coaching staff fail to coach the players properly.

You know last night I got a little upset.
a) I couldn't go to the game due to broken leg.
b) beer and painkillers don't mix lol
c) I'm still trying to find out what Danny Mac was saying on TSN coverage last night about what Casey said to the team? Something about He's the turn around guy so everyone has to listen to him. If that's the fact no wonder he was sacked so many times it's "THe Longest Yard" payback. Anyway I do tend to agree with stkitsfan. Being from Niagara Falls (where only the hotel owners have money because they pay thier employees crap) I have to scrape up every penny I get from 2 jobs just to buy season tickets, gas to get there, parking fees, food, t-shirts, jerseys etc, just to support my team. The players are getting paid (although not much) and we are paying to see them I think we have that right to down them. If you go to a restaraunt and don't like your food do you not complain?

Don't think you have to worry about "Cutting the Fans". Pretty sure they will be "Cutting Themselves" before long. Oh well, more butt and leg room for the last few games I guess.

Cut the fans,thats a joke,we've waited long enough for this team to gel..Same thing every year,the fans spend good money to watch crap....If it wasnt for us FANS there wouldnt even be a team,so ya when I see crap im gonna booh,,hey CMW1612 I hope there is no fans either....because than the team will have no money to pay these players....
I hope you listen clearly next game,because I will boo this so called team,when they make bone headed moves because im sick of it....

Cut "cmw1612" from posting on here.

He knows nothing of what he says.

must have been a computer gliches,
One of those I-D-I0-T errors

you say cut the fans but if we the fans didnt spend the $40 a game to watch them screw up royally then we wouldnt even have a team so if we want to boo the team then we can ... we might as well own the team cuz if we had no fans the team would be shipped to another city and no more ticats ...
therefore ill boo everygame when people screw up and cheer when they do something right( the rare times)

I was at the game. i did not boo, but i did leave early. i did not expect them to win but I did expect to see improvement and there was not much to look at. I watched the game on TV this morning again and i will say that I was impressed with Printers' throws for the most part. He obviously needed more time in the pocket and more time with the team. i do believe paying customers have the right to boo stupid plays like Walkers fumble but I also agree that he was just trying to make something happen for the Cats. And a missed field goal is the perfect opportunity. Oh well next week...

Ultimately, the fans don't cut players. Coaches and managerial staff do that. Admittedly, the fans may put some heat on the powers that be, but that is a fan's prerogative. He can yell, scream and contradict as much as he pleases and there isn't a damn thing anyone can do about it as long as the fan(s) in question keep it clean and non-abusive.

Blatant errors by professional playing and coaching personnel, deserve to be jeered, particularly when they continue to make the same mistakes, a la Chris Bauman.

I must admit, I felt bad for Jo Jo Walker who, up till yesterday, wasn't having a horrendous season. I'm sure he'll settle down.

Our line play however, offensive and defensive, stinks! (and I'm being kind right now)