I Said it ...

February the 8th, on another site. Took me a while to remember where I stated it, but I found it.

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[QUOTE=prairiedog;2850]So Marshall finally gets his shot. I just hope Taman gets him a bloody rush end so that he has a fighting chance. Craig Dickenson is big tho. Riders' ST was atrocious last year. Comicly atrocious.
Was Marshall a good coach? 8 games. We'll never know.

Yep we will never know.

Did you see his comments at the Regina airport after they got back from TO? Not very impressive. I think i see why he was let go. If adjustments have to be made? Your 1-7, you have to have some clues on what needs to be done.

Well the guys who fired him have less clues. This is not a clever quip on my behalf. Miller is on record that he is mystified.

I guess the test will be to see what the team does under Miller. If they start to win it was probably the right decision.

Matt Millen would not be an upgrade. Look, not every team can win, tough competition out there.

Is this Matt Millen guy the same guy in charge of the Detroit Lions awhile back? Fans always had signs displayed in the stands that said "Matt Millen is fat!". It was hilarious seeing that on American Thanksgiving day.

After awhile police officers would confiscate the signs.

Matt Millen is a running joke on that particular forum. It was a facetious comment.

But my point being is that I knew long before Marshall was hired that Taman was a poor GM, and I was sincerely hoping that the similar situation with the '04 Stamps basically ruining Matt Dunigan's coaching career wouldn't befall Marshall. Just as Dunigan had no hope of succeeding under Fateri, Marshall had no hope of succeeding under Taman. Now his future as an HC is pretty much ruined. And that's a goddamn bloody shame.

So are we talking about the same guy?