I said it b4 not impressed with Desjardins..AGAIN


Game 1 - Start Maas
Game 2 - Start Maas
Game 3 - Start Maas
Game 4 - Start Maas
Game 5 - Start Maas
Game 6 - Start Maas
Game 7 - Start Maas
Game 8 - Start Maas


Game 1 - Start Maas, same old, same old
Game 2 - Start Maas, same old, same old
Game 3 - Start Maas, same old, same old
Game 4 - Start Maas, same old, same old
Game 5 - Instead of firing Taaffe - Start Butler

I love it when a plan comes together!

The addition of Butler doesn't make us better. It only confirms Eakin won't be starting if Maas is same old, same old.

Williams is the big loser in this trade.

I went a bit to far in my post earlier, but i’ve just been frustrated with the way the team has been run lately. DJ is a great player & i guarntee you that if you kept him around & made him a #1 reciever he’d have a better year, you cant judge Flick on hes preformance last year because Maas was terrible, DJ has been an outstanding player for the ticats in the past, They gave up too much for a 2nd string QB.

I dont know though, maybe this clears room for Ryan Thelwell (sp) or even Carl Kidd, but regardless too much has been lost, this cant be a rebuliding year because the fans dont deserve a rebuliding year.

Grow up the ti cat are good and they r going all the way ok so Grow up and Maas best QB in the CFL
and DJ suck and we r go to go 16-0 we r the best in the CFL

DESJARDINS is do a good job i like so stop talk about him

hey that fat cheerleader was hot by theway Mr.Young's make good computers so stop of i will tell him that are make fun of him and get you kick of the forum so stop !!!!!!!!!!!!

o.k i am getting sick of reading what you fair weather fans who have to sit and comment about what goes on with this organization.I am really curious as to what it is you people are goin to say if this team wins a few games. Now lets reflect on what has happened so far. One we lost our second string qb to nfl europe, so i can see why this trade took place. Two somebody tell me what dj flick did for us last season outside of one good game against edmonton. though i do not agree with trading smith who was an anchor on the oline we got some draft picks out of the deal. You people have to remember that this is the business of the sport and things like this happen and this team is in a major rebuilding stage. So please before you open your mouth and let your stupid fall out, think about why this trade or any decision made during the rest of the off season is made from the organisatins point of view.

My answer? Plain and simple....

On any team that decides to give him a chance, cause Baressi/Paopao/Marshall/Lapolice sure as hell didnt.

Over 3000 yards in 3 seasons, and averaged 15 yards per catch with 16 TD's.


MODS... PLEASE get these guys out of here.

second that, wilf


Read Steve Milton's column today and then re-think what you wrote.

I did read it, and I still think it was a stupid move, of all the recievers, u keep BROCK RALPH, when I think he should have bene the 1st one out in the 1st place, no effort, nothing, but instead they release DJ who was probably our most talented reciever, but dont go bitchin at me 4 my opinion every1 has there opinion, im renewing my season tickets again so i have the right 2 say what I think, and im a die hard fan like u probably r and most of us r, and I jzu wanna see whats best for the team. oskee wee wee

Halfthedistance...half the mind. Remember this forum is only for football connoisseurs. How can you comment on a situation that you don't even know all the parameters? How much $$$ was Flick making? Let's start with that...

ya what he say

I like this trade, we certinally didnt have anyone off the bench last year to back up Mass. That was part of the sucsses of the BC Lions ,let the GM do what he was hired to do and chill.

Before you go dragging my nick through the mud and relating my intelligence to it.. MAKE SURE you're dragging the right person through it... I never commented on ANYTHING...all I said in this thread is ... and I quote

"Grow up"

so keep me outta your purple sky'd world will ya

Who cares that it's a salary dump. This might be a football team but it's also a business.

The funny thing about all this judgemnt is people talking about the quality we let go. Who knows that there aren't a ton of higher quality players being brought in for training camp. I'm pretty sure that Marcel and Charlie's jobs are dependent on building a quality product on the field as well as fitting this team inside a 4 million dollar cap.