I said it b4 not impressed with Desjardins..AGAIN

I'm sorry to bring this up again, but With this trade here's another bonehead move by our new GM, sure Butler is decent but we only seen him 1 season how do we know he's not a fluke..who the hell are our recievers?! This is fucken retarded, we traded all of that for a QB that might not even be our starter, now what we have him and Maas?! Can sum1 plz tell me whats goin on, do any of u like this trade?! Yah no maybe so..

Wayne Smith had big problems last season blocking. A matter of fact my sister could have made many of the blocks he missed. DJ Flick, gave up on way too many plays.

Good move by the GM. We got something for nothing.To all you nay sayers, wait until camp starts. There is alot of off season signings left. Be patient and give the guy ( GM ) a freaking break.

Are you kidding? DJ was one of the few that didnt give up, and was making plays INJURED until the final play of the season.

As for Wayne? Again, INJURED. Played hard.

Both are still young and as far as im concerned this is a terrible trade for Hamilton... I Welcome Rocky Butler, but he needs to show me A LOT before i am sold on this trade.

Its a salary dump and nothing more.

No GM can be judged on a single trade or his first year. The greats in any sport build their success over time. This trade looks nasty at the on-set, but patience is a virtue most of us passionate Ti-Cat fans need to embrace. After all, what do we have to lose? It's not like we won the Grey Cup last year or even came close.

Maybe this is a way we can justifying dropping Maas 300 K a year..?

We have many potentially good offensive linemen coming in this year with last years draft picks so as far as the part goes i think where ok, i am sorry to see DJ go I really liked him and thought he was one of the few that consatntly tried last year. Rocky Butler could be the quarterback of the future and I think Marcel knows that Jason isn’t the guy. I would much rather see Buck Pierce here though.


That is true we do have some great Cdn OL draft picks.

I like this deal. Obviously money will always be a factor with a salary cap like this. I agree with whoknows, we have very good OL ready to step in and do the job.

butler couldn't complete 50% of is passes
when he played.
we got stung on this one!

Dear Mr doesnt know how to run a football team:

Hello. I'd just like to say that the more talented players you get ride you of the less chance you have to win. You've added talented Linebackers & other players but what you've given up is much too valuable.

Today's trade makes me want to walk into a tim hortons & buy a double double & pour it your face & then start throwing timbits at you, which would cost alot less than it would to buy an over priced Ticket to watch your horrible team play. You trade D.J Flick, one of there best recievers & you get what in return? oh thats right a wannabe Micheal Vick. This makes me sick, seriously go back to Montreal because I personally dont want you here

I can see it now, the ticats are going to end up finishing in last place, but hey whats new right.
Seriously I dont even know whatelse to say. At this rate whats going to come next? You might as well trade Stripes to Montreal for future conisderation or why stop there, I bet you could beauty & the beast special disney edition for Jason Maas,Corey Holmes, Hitchcock, Tay Cody & one of Mr.Young's top of the line computers & that fat cheerleader from a few seasons ago.

This will be my last post because this team is starting to look like the roof of BC place.

Grow up
Hello. I'd just like to say that the more talented players you get ride you of the less chance you have to win. You've added talented Linebackers & other players but what you've given up is much too valuable.
I guess my question would be..if Marcel has found quality linebackers why can he not do the same for receivers? I think we should just wait and see.

WR's are a dime a dozen. This trade makes perfect sense. We have top notch draft picks on the OL that should be ready to play and we have a guy who has CFL experiance behind Maas. Far too many of you are judging the season before we even get to training camp. At first I thought we got burned but the more I think about it, the more I like the deal. As much as I like DJ he's overrated by most.

Thats a high price for a so so QB a DJ AND W SMITH FOR WHAT? :thdn:


2 Time All Star
3000 Yards in 3 seasons
16 TD's
2005 Nominee for Most Outstanding Player

Overrated? Please explain to me how. Most people on this forum always said DJ was a #2 or 3 receiver at best... we always talked about how we had to upgrade at that position, everybody was thrilled when we signed Chris Brazzell, Terry Vaughn, Brock Ralph, etc.

All DJ ever did was put up numbers.

Dime a dozen? Then why have we struggled at WR for the past 5 years?

Well, one thing for sure...the Riders sure improved and got a couple of great individuals. I wish them well :thup: :thup:

As far as the rest of the trade goes...well after a half a season... ask me then. A good trade has to be good for both sides. I'll wait and see what happens first. :expressionless:

Everyone hated the Maas, Cody, Ralph trade and I think it will really work out for us with Taaffe on board. He turned around Calvillo so Im sure he can do the same with Maas.

hmmmm coaching its called!

I will agree with you in saying that he did put up numbers. But he was the best receiver statistically on some very bad teams. In the CFL, hitting 1000 yards isn't that great of a feat in 18 games in a prodominatly passing league. No offense to him. And American wideouts really are a dime a dozen. Kahlil Hill anyone?

Let me ask you this question. Name another team in the league where DJ Flick would be a #1 or #2 receiver. And be honest ...

  • paul

I think we may have given up a bit much for a 2nd string QB unless the Cats have something up their sleeve for Maas.

Wayne Smith was hurt a good portion of last year and his play suffered because of it. He wasn’t as steady as previous years.

Giving up Flick was a bit of a blow but he also did not have a stellar year last year, but no player did.

The second round pick is a bit hard to give up. 2 players coming off sub par years maybe you can justify but the draft pick in my opinion was was paying too much.

Next question is, what could we get for Maas if too becomes trade bait?

We have to give Desjardins & Taffe the benefit of the doubt and have to assume that they know what is best for the club.

If we have 10+ wins this season management are geniuses; if we go 6 -12 again they will be chicken fodder.

We need to wait for the season