I said it at the start of the season...

I have been saying for over 5 years that Manning is a choke artist...
In the most critical part of the game he throws an INT for a TD...
Manning has choked before... The Colts lost many first and second round playoff games in the earlier part of the milenium, despite having supurior records to their opponets.
Yes Manning did win a Super Bowl... but it was against a pathetic Bears team, and the game was much closer then it should of been thanx to Manning gift wrapping INTS to them.
With the regular season records the Colts have had over the last ten years...they should have atleast 3 Super Bowls to their credit..
However...Manning is a choke artist...and that is the bottom line.

Hey, CFL, here's a thought for you: Get a clue. INTS? He threw one pick... and that's NOT why the game was close. It was close because special teams allowed a kick return for a TD on the very first possession (which is another problem I have with the Colts). The Colts had to play from behind the rest of the night.

He threw the pick at the most critical part of the game...
If the Riders had taken a too many men penalty in the first quarter...would anyone be talking about it?
No they would not... They will be talking about it for decade4s because the Riders took the penalty when it really mattered.
Manning is a choke artist ,and always has been.
I don't care if he shatters all of Farve's records...
He is a choke artist and always will be... He is a Dan Marino on steriods as far as I'm concerned.

How about an annual all star game, NFL vs CFL with rotating rules?
How I would love this, but it would NOT happen under rotating rules if at all. There would have to be compromise, but I warn you that the NFL would absolutely NOT participate if there were only three downs.

I can hear the howls from PEI to Victoria BC to Tuktoyuktuk to Frobisher/Iqaluit already on that point on having four downs. :stuck_out_tongue:

Otherwise, and that's a massive North American otherwise, I don't see why the NFL would not agree to many CFL rules like no yards in favour of fair catch and so forth.

Note that such a contest did happen apparently for exhibition historically last in 1966, but I can't remember where that information was on Wikipedia.

both leagues seem to have problems tackling lately.
The "lost art of tackling" has become last season for the NFL down here quite the topic of discussion, and I speak personally as a player of also rugby union from which the rules of both leagues are derived and the way football was played in either league in its earlier days.

In the US, too many players are coached now at the high school level go to for the big hit or shot instead of the the proper and strategically superior technique of the wrap, as is the technique mandated in rugby or severely penalised with yardage if not also a "sin-binning" (think of the penalty box in hockey if you are not familiar with rugby) or ejection from the game.

In addition for better safety in even padless rugby than in either game mind you, no hits above the shoulders are permitted either.

With blocking in either football game, no doubt all hits to the head could not be eliminated especially between the tackles or on running plays or when offencive players lower the head, but a great many more of them for the receivers downfield could for sure to eliminate many an unnecessary concussion due to another "big shot" instead of a wrap tackle.

Note in most American football such high hits are already banned on special teams plays, to kickers, and to quarterbacks with some reasonable exceptions.

Furthermore, the big shot instead of a wrap tackle is just bad strategy as I can speak from personal experience.

On defence one could even be an inferior player to the other or just plain poorly positioned for a better tackle, but even then when you can wrap even a mere foot when failing the tackle around the body, you slow down the player and your mates can jump in and really deliver. Remember when the term "team defence" was being thrown around more?

With the big hit, at the professional level, many a guy at such a level is well-skilled to bounce off and then your mates are left to fend with a free, fast dude in the open field for themselves.

Of course the issue at such point is that if many defencive players especially in the secondary have not practiced proper tackling with a wrap, they sure as heck are not doing tackling drills in the pros like in high school or in the old days of college football any more.

No doubt as The Chief Lord pointed out (that's what he demands to be called from here on out according to a prior post), we saw plenty of that poor tackling/flailed arms/bad wrap nonsense on both sides of the ball in this Super Bowl.

And as a Colts fan it sure as heck was that much harder and painful for me to watch not to mention just plain bad defencive football for such otherwise incredible players! :cry:

CFL, I'm talking about the Chicago game. As far as the NO game is concerned... What the hell do you expect? The defence basically said, "Hey Peyton, it's all on you, man." I'm not at all surprised he threw the pick. That's what happens when a team forces one guy to win games.

In Mannings 10 seasons he has a 500 record in the playoffs....Peyton Manning - Wikipedia
scroll down to the bottom.

He is 9-9 in the playoffs
As bad as that is compared to his regular season record... you must realize that almost half of those wins occured in one season(2006 he won 4 playoff games)
If you exclude that one season he is a god awful 5-9 in the playoffs.
He is a choke artist and that will always be his legacy.
He is essentially the Anthony Calvillo of the NFL.

Yeah, wouldn't have anything to do with a poor defence. Noooooooo! Do you even watch the NFL?

I loved this comment by a fan...

The Colt defense will never be any better than what it is, because the Colts have continuously drafted offensive players with their first rd picks and ignored their defense, that's Colt philosophy...ignore the defense and give Peyton all the weapons he need, and he will carry them to a title...
This is what I've been saying for years. This organization never, EVER!!!, addresses the defence. They just keep stocking up on offensive weapons, like if they draft enough offensive players, Peyton will be able to carry the entire team to a championship.

Newsflash Irsay and Polian: Football is the ultimate TEAM sport!!!!!!!! Idiots... :roll:

He is a choke artist and that will always be his legacy.
CFL is either off his rocker or high on something now though such was all the rhetoric early this millennium before Manning's Colts won their first Super Bowl for the 2006 season, for the Colts just could not get past those Patriots until the last five years for the most part. Mind you that was the greatest NFL rivalry of the last decade too.

Don't blame Peyton Manning for that loss at all for sure. He threw that pick-6 no doubt when having to make plays for a comeback, as any quarterback in any league would be pressured more to do having to come from behind late in the 4th quarterback with a touchdown or bust not just a field goal, and P. Manning made only one other throw that was bad and not dropped the entire game.

The commentary by CFL sounds like just a plain Peyton Manning-hater to me, perhaps a fan of a rival NFL team at that, who clearly missed the forest through the trees by watching only one half the game and not the woeful play of the Colts' defence in the second half. Again, the Colts missed Freeney badly even with him playing at that point and Brock and Mathis the other two DE's could not make up the difference with him at only perhaps 40-50% any more.

The Colts will be back next year just fine, fully healthy with their starring cast, plus the return of Anthony Gonzalez (not the famous tight-end of the same name, the receiver from Ohio State) for an even more solid receiving corps. They signed a DT from the CFL apparently, and definitely need more help at DT (who doesn't in the NFL any more!) and in the linebacking corp for sure.

As it is already the next day after that awful loss I can begin to say looking ahead GO COLTS! :rockin:

How does this explain most of the losses that Manning experienced in the early and mid 2000s where the Colts scored less the 10 points!!!
Let's blame that on the defence!!!!!
The 41-0 loss in 2002 was completely the defence...right!!!!

take away special teams turn over: 7 pts for the other team
take away offensive team turn over: 7pts for the other team
take away offensive team failed FG: -3 for the blue team
Take away a couple of dropped passes, field position lost, and who knows how many points.

and its a colts win without anything different from the D.

So because he lost a couple games early in his career, you want to say every game is his fault? Please. Like Paolo said, CFL is little more than a Peyton hater. Plenty of those around.

As far as let's go Colts, I say Let's Go Peyton. :wink:

Gimme a break...
Manning threw for more yards then Brezz and the Saints refused to score a TD at the end of the half and instead settled for a long distance field goal...
The Saints could of won by 30 points using your logic...
The game happened the way it happened because that is the way it was suppose to happen.... period.

I'm suprised that you did not mention how the game would have been altered if the Colts had recouvered the second half kickoff!!!
We miles well discuss how the world would be different if the sky was purple?

Sure, the onside kick is on special teams (and I've already said Indy's ST is another issue I have with them), but it was the defence that gave up the score. They could've stopped the Saints. Instead they allowed the Saints to cut through them like a knife through butter.

and on the very next drive the Colts cut throught the Saints like butter.... What the $%^& is your point.

Thats your opinion and is based on what facts?
AC is miles ahead of any NFL QB and thats my opinion.

then why isnt he down south making the big money?

fair to say its a Fact A.C would NOT have thrown that PICK :stuck_out_tongue: 8)

What are you talking about Drunk?? you both can kiss up to each other all you want, Fact is several CFL qb's would outperform many NFL QB,s _just as Flutie and Garcia did . need i say more? And regarding comments about my track record Paolo X"][ You have proven yourself to BE a NFL promotion P.R lobbyist . and a total fake you accuse me of being nationalist< why do you declare your heritage?? do you think you are superior ?? what the ?? Chief are you endorsing this Garbage?