I said it at the start of the season...

...Peyton needs to sign with a team that actually has a defence. The Saints ran all over Indy's pathetic D. They had over 300 yards. I don't blame Peyton for the pick. The defence forced him to put this entire game on his shoulders, and it was only a matter of time before he made a mistake.

So thanks to the Colts D for giving Manning another playoff loss. Congrats! :roll:

I know you not happy now, but really. Colts offense got more yards than the saints. The colts defense stopped the saints inside the five. It was a good game by all. Cant blame the D for the short kick recovery by the saints, or the colts missed FG.

The only reason the Colts have more yards is because after the pick return, the Saints relaxed big time on D. They didn't have to play D anymore because the game was essentially over.

I've been bitching about this defence for years, and yet none of the guys upstairs, Polian, Irsay, they don't want to do anything about it. It's ridiculous. I absolutely hate cheering for this team.

It'll never happen, but if Peyton did ever sign with another team, I'd dump the Colts in a heartbeat and follow Manning. My loyalty is to him, and him alone!

Manning threw the pick! think about it for a few days Chief. Manning has not established himself as a run threat EVER , the Saints D was ready and waiting for that play, some advice, stick with the E.E,s because Ray is the Better QB :stuck_out_tongue:

No way in hell is Ray a better QB. Runner or not. That's just drunk talk. lol

Gotta agree with this one. The Colts D played a hard fought game and was at least the equal of the Saints D. These teams were well matched. Each got 1 sack. They made the Saints O look fallible most of the game. The Saints had to make highlight reel catches all game to produce any offence and their ground game was stalled for most of it.
Peyton looked amazing for the most part but he had some tough breaks. If I had to call a game breaker I would say it was special teams.

If not Ray than for sure AC was the best QB in all of football this year and thats without even watching the No Funners.
Just can't see anyone having a better year thats the analysis.

I have a hard time believing the D played well when they gave up 18 points in the second half. Sure, maybe they played well in the first quarter, but I chalk most of that up to the Saints just being nervous. They calmed down in the second quarter, and from then on the D didn’t do a whole lot to stop them (that one goal-line stand aside).

I’ve been saying it for years, this D needs major adjustments. The extra blitzing this season was nice, but it wasn’t enough.

Arogtome, I have a hard time taking your comment seriously considering in the same sentence you admit to not watching the NFL. Try watching a game or two, man. AC was good, but if I had to choose, I’d still take Peyton.

Maybe so Chief, I have
seen Payton and he is good, but AC is better and there is no one I would give the ball to in the last two minutes than AC as he showed in the GC.
Also, Trestman has said himself that AC is one of the best QB he has ever coached.

No way in hell is Ray a better QB. Runner or not. That's just drunk talk. lol
Yes Chief no kidding Ray better than Peyton Manning totally drunk talk but hey ...oh well never mind I'll stop there considering the source of such talk and his track record in only a few days on here. :thdn:

Otherwise Ray is the best quarterback in the CFL not named Calvillo :thup: , but for sure many a homer will argue otherwise for their guy. :thdn:

On the Superbowl what most folks are missing about the game even down here already is that Dwight Freeney showed up big in the first half and provided the Colts' only sack of the game at that. In the second half, his effectiveness was way down due to the wear and tear on that ankle after being taped up and shot up at the start of the game not to mention the natural adrenaline surge that knocks out more of the pain. Indeed for the defence of the Colts he is more of a factor than anyone had even thought.

Brees had all the time in the world, and most NFL quarterbacks including below average ones would thrive when given such time to throw with little pressure.

Meanwhile Manning did not face all that much pressure himself, yet his receivers dropped more balls thrown at them. He threw a total of two bad passes all game including the pick 6.

Amongst the receivers at even the college level here in the US, the saying goes if you can touch it you can catch it so no excuses from a corp of receivers who did not show up enough to contribute for a win of the biggest game of their lives.

The Saints earned that victory after a miserable first quarter for them and without the help of what appeared to be hometown cooking from the refs like against the Vikings.

Really? Well, sadly, I can't remember the exact number off the top of my head right now, but suffice it to say, the Colts were the highest scoring team in the NFL in the last two minutes of halves. That's no coincidence. That's because they have Peyton Manning leading the offence.

Paolo, what I don't understand is why Indy didn't use Brock more. I saw him out there a little bit, but I honestly think Freeney should've been benched. It's the same story as 2007 when Marvin Harrison came in after being out, what, several months? And he fumbled the ball. He did more harm than good. Of course, it was still the defence that couldn't stop the Chargers. :roll:

Oh well. On to next season. Here's hoping Irsay and Polian pull their heads out of the behinds. :roll:

Or Peyton decides to move on... :smiley:

And AC has destroyed the record book for several years.
Why is it hard to comprehend a CFL QB being the best in all of football.
To suggest it is “drunk talk” thats a ludicrous statment.
It’s your opinion that Payton mabe the best, like mine about AC.
Until there is an actual game which we know will never happen, its still though fun to speculate without branding others as being intoxicated for their opinion?

I can agree with that. :wink:

Don't get me wrong, I don't think AC is a bad QB. He's not. Guy can ball, no question. I just prefer Peyton. And it has nothing to do with AC being a CFL QB. I mean, we all know CFL players can hack it in the NFL. We've been witnessing it for the last two years. :wink:

Oh yes to have an Exibition game, now that’s like one of those Lost episodes?
How about an annual all star game, NFL vs CFL with rotating rules?

Probably be more interesting than the NFL's Pro Bowl. :lol:

Agreed. Except being played in Hawaii, except this year is awesome.
I know that would generate a lot of interest in Canada, but what about the States.
Again way too much to lose?

That would actually be a worth while all-star game. The problem is with different seasons, if the CFL was to play after the Superbowl they'd be disadvantaged and if they played before the NFL season vice versa. Also I can't see why the NFL would agree to it, but would make for good bragging rights.

As for the Saints, nice to see the underdogs win. Especially New Orleans. Feel good story.

PS Is it just me or does it seem that the superbowl champs didn't show all that much euphoria? I would have expected more.

the only time that has been remotely possible is when moon and flutie played in the CFL. Otherwise, cfls best cant even make an NFL team. Certainly not as a starter. NFL elite are miles better than anyone in the CFL. Perhaps the biggest difference in quality of player between the two leagues is at QB.

OTOH, both leagues seem to have problems tackling lately.

Tell me about it... "Hey, don't worry Reggie, we'll tackle you in another 20 yards or so." :roll: