I retract all statments towards Chewbacca on this site

I want to apologize to all posters that had to witness these statments. This is not the place to be airing dirty laundry. It was wrong of me to make this statment on this site. This is a sports forum about the cfl and it should stay that way.


Not even the class to say what slanderous lies you posted about me, eh? There is no dirty laundry - just your lies.
This apology is worthless. Moderator, I want Redwhite2005 banned. If I could find your IP adress Redwhite2005 I'd sue you in court. And i'd win.

Well im utterly lost but chewbacca the guy said sorry. I mean wut else do u want him to do. Redwhite2005 is usually a very good guy/girl. Altho im pretty sure hes a guy lol. But anyways. Hes saying sorry and he probably just didnt post what he said because he knows how wrong it is. I mean i have no idea wut he said. But i hope u two can work things out. This is supposed to be a peaceful and fun forum. And lets hope we can all keep it that way.

I agree with ticats fan - the very fact that redwhite2005 used "I retract all statements towards chewbacca" as his subject should clearly show that he is apologizing. You are trying to drag this on when the guy has clearly indicated that he wishes this to be over. Your assertion that the apology is worthless in no way diminishes the fact that the apology was made - it's your problem if you choose not to accept it.

Wow I've been away for a little while and I come back to see people talking about sueing, wtf? I don't know Chewy, R&W2005's appology seems pretty sincere (as sincere as it can seem on line). Sure sometimes he gets a little goofy, but it does seem he's making an effort, I don't see how you can say his apology is worthless.

What made me mad, and still does, is him calling me a racist.
Then he calls that "our dirty laundry"
I have no respect for people who use such henious language.
Should I accept his apology? Perhaps.
I'm sure if he called anyone else such a horrible name, they'd still be smarting.
To think I just found this board. I think I'll disapear for a while. too bad too cause the board's a good one.

Okay - perhaps rw2005 was not entirely in the right, but you don't escape blame here either. Yes, some remarks are much worse then others - no one in their right mind will deny that. However, you have called people hypocrites, idiots, classless, and have intimated that people were stupid. People also take offense to these remarks, and yet you have offered up no apology for that. Rw2005 was at least man enough to belly up to the bar and accept his share of the responsibility in this whole thing. If you want to "disappear" that is your choice. I think it's too bad, though, because despite the name calling you have the penchant for making some sound arguments if you so choose. If you go, see ya later. If you stay, I look forward to talking to you again.

At least rw2005 is apologizing. He knew he was wrong and is admitting to it. Just accept it and move on.

I guess I should accept it, except I don't think he is too sincere.
This was part of his "apology". He doesn't sound too apologetic here... just biding his time until he gets his non-exsistent proof

"Well chewy you could have excepted my apology but you did not the guilt is getting to you I agree leave this alone but I will send you my proof. I have contacted the guy the racist remarks were made too. And I am sure he would like to talk with you again. He was not happy with you and your board buddies. This truly is not the place to be airing this garbage out. I will PM you so you can satisfy your needs. "

So whatever. It's over now. But if I hear so much as one more word from him and his slanderous lies, I'll be tracking down his IP adress.
I don't mind a hot CFL debate. Baselessly calling someone a racist was the breaking point for me.
Guess I'll be sticking around.

Well I knwo that no one appreciates being called a racist. But he gave his apologies and im sure that it wont happen again. Not to that level anyways. But I hope to read many good posts from you in the future. And who knows maybe we shall have our own little debate. All in fun of course (no name calling) unless were making fun of the team the other one likes. No name calling to each other 8)

Chewy, I was called a racist by another poster (name withheld) but I don't really care because I know I'm not so why would I let some guy/gal get to me especially if they don't know me. I don't really know the feud you're having but in my case, he probably had no better comeback. Me and the other poster who called me racist are still pretty much civil to each other.

Chewbacca got me kicked of Sportsnet for sharing my feelings, and how I said Jermaine Copeland and Henry Burris would become Stamps, he got me booted because I was "Brown"

No, I got you tossed because of your language. And if iI read these old posts right, it was actually Big Taters whop emailed the admin and got you booted.
I don't mind heated debates. You stepped over the line. Why else would Sportsnet ban you? Certainly not because you are "Brown", something I wouldn't know or care about.
But why let a little thing like the facts get in the way of your slanderous comments, eh, BrownOne?
I'll take your advice Lionbacker and Ticats fan. I know what the truth is. Lets talk football.

Oh, and just for kicks, here's some examples of why BrownOne/Brown Hustler/Makeveli got tossed. I forgot about your sexist posts about sportscasters. And that stuff about Osama? And wanting to fight?
Feel free to join the ranks of RedWhite2005 and never talk to me again. I know I'll never respond to anything you have to say ever again.

Now, back to football talk... oops, Riders have the bye. See you back here next week.

[url=http://forums.sportsnet.ca/thread.jspa?forumID=70&threadID=18211&messageID=442749#442749]http://forums.sportsnet.ca/thread.jspa? ... 749#442749[/url] [url=http://forums.sportsnet.ca/thread.jspa?forumID=68&threadID=19844&messageID=489959#489959]http://forums.sportsnet.ca/thread.jspa? ... 959#489959[/url]

Chewbacca is not a MOD, and therefore he has no reason to be monotring my posts. Many other people where swearing also, yet he was always going after me. Chewy is a fool, and he was after meb ecause of my skin color and love for the Stamps. I think he should be banned from the CFL fourms forever, I never wanna see hsi name on this site again. It just pisses me off that he will try to get me banned again because I have chocolatey skin color.

So anyway, what do Rider fans think about our chances of making the playoffs this year.

Ok BrownOne what happened on that forum is for that forums business (that goes for you to chewy) Please for all of our sakes on the forum dont bring anythign from that one onto this one. It's pointless and will solve nothing. Forget about the past and move on in life. Lifes to short to hold grudges for to long. But anyways enough about that lets keep to football.
Well Chewbacca I think your riders chances of making the playoffs seem to be getting worse with each and every week. You've got a better chance then my Ti-cats :cry: But There chances are slipping with each Winnipeg win.

Isn't it funny, if Winnipeg wins this week and Calgary loses, there will be three teams in the West tied with 3 wins.
We've got basically nothing but divisional games left.
Maybe Barrett should put on the pads, LOL.
We'll paste Winnipeg, though. Labour Day for sure.