I remember the 'wise words' of Ron Lancaster.......

Now that most of us have 'vented' in one way or another..after the loss in Montreal. :thdn:
On thing I have to say, after reading most of the thread's posted over the last few days...
I think the poster's on this Fan Forum, should give themselves..a well earned pat on the back.
There is no dought that this forum has some very informed and experianced football minds..posting on it. :thup:

Having a 'bye' week was unkind to the Cats...
I really wish our guys..did not get 'that' bye week.
Not until later in the season...and I don't mean week 17 ether. Any momentum or improvement that we no dought saw..prior to the 'bye' was lost, going into Montreal.
I look at the roster of the players...
I look at the Coaching Staff...
And I say to myself..
This team is far better than 1 and 7...on paper, and everything else...yet.
2 steps foreward...3 steps back ?
Yes.. there has been almost a total change of personal..player wise, and of coarse the Coaching Staff. { I've used that excuse..or reason for the lack of wins..more than a few times.}
Perhaps it boils down to what Ron Lancaster said a few years ago...a team has to 'learn' how to win..as a team...until then..they will not.
Wise words...let's hope our guys..'learn how to do just that'..sooner, rather than later, I hope.

"There is no dought that this forum has some very informed and experianced football minds..posting on it"

no dought my friend no dought. lol.

I can also vaguely remember Mr. Lancaster's wise words concerning the status Mass' injury last year.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't he say that he felt that the nature of Mass' injury was one so severe that he didn't his career would ever be the same(badly paraphrased).
If this is the case, those were wise words indeed!
My next question would be...WHY DIDN'T ANYBODY LISTEN!!!

SJRiley wrote: “This team is far better than 1 and 7…on paper, and everything else…”

SJ: No no no.
To quote another coach…Bill Parcells. " A team is what its record is". Equally wise words.

Does anyone remember WHAT kind of injury MAAS sustained, when it happened, and which Team? My memory fades as to the severity of this injury.
Unless he got some kind of 'Tommy John' surgery, I think he is done. Too bad the Ticat brass is not willing to admit it (would you, if you had $300K+ Salary down the drain?)
The Eagle - :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

Your dead on about that quote from Bill Parcell's..my friend. I guess I am just trying to keep a 'postive' frame of mind, when I think about the Cats...these days.

The exact quote from Ron Lancster regarding Jason Maas was 'Jason is dealing with injuries, that may turn out to be possiably... carreer ending injuries'.
That's how I remember it.
I guess only the flies that were on the wall..behind the closed doors of the Ti-Cat Brass Office, were the only [outsiders] to hear the rest of the story...
Ron..sure as hell did not say anything more about it. I know that when I heard that comment, I thought to myself..."he must have been hurt prior to coming to Hamilton" and to what extent..I wondered. And was there a cover-up from Edmonton..and Maas himself, to the extent of the injuries.. in the trade to Hamilton ?
And then I thought....no way, I've been watching to much CSI on television...
But the one thing that did 'stick' in my mind..was that I did not recall Jason taking serious enough shots 'since' coming in from Edmonton to Hamilton ???
So...who knows.
Perhaps some of the folks on the forum..would like to take a shot at that question.

I remember Lancasters comments last year, and they stuck with me. He said something to the effect that he had never seen a player totally recover from the type of injury he had and usually were never the same.

I remember those words every time I've watched him play since, and the evidence of that truth is now relatively substantial. Theres no doubting the mans heart, its his arm and head that have changed. I wish him well, but a pin needs to be pulled sometime.

Go Cats' :thup:

I think you hit the nail…right on the head.

Heart is just as important as an arm....he's throwing the ball fine. The shortage of talent elsewhere is more to blame....Jesse L. isn't the answer, maybe he is a decent non import back but in the 3 down CFL no running back can constantly carry his team.

Maas can play on my team anyway, he is a fighter...

Don't give up on him like you did Calvillo...get him some receivers and an O line..then if that doesn't work send him to us!

Als4 ever are you for real ?? Just a decent non import back ?? Have you not looked at the stats ?? If he had as many carries as Roberts he`d be ahead of him no ?? He can catch the ball and when he gets past the line look out because not many DBS want to get in his way !!!!

I can't remember the exact circumstances regarding Jason Maas arriving in Hamilton as damaged goods, but Lancaster's statement regarding possible career ending injuries has stuck in my craw ever since.

Habman.....I come down every year to IWS to watch the Als play the Cats, I love the Stadium and I am always treated well, so I would be willing to bet you a steak dinner that he won't get more than 2 100 yard games from this point on. The Cats are behind too often to run alot, and until Maas or Chang or Eakin or whoever can step up and move the ball thru the air defenses can key on Jesse. When a running back is targeted like that It takes a Charles Roberts who is shifty and real fast rather than a power/slasher runner like Lumsden.

BTW, Lumsden really reminds me of Eric Lapointe, a pretty good Canadian RB who also got banged up alot!

The thing I don’t get is that, the way I remember it, Ron described it as an abdominal injury, while I think that what Maas had repaired was a bicep tear.

I thought RL said that it was the kind of injury that would be with him the rest of his career, but that he might be able to adjust to. That’s true of many sports injuries.