I remember the sixties....

....so I probably didn't live through them...wait I did!

Back then the blew team was constantly going off on how great they were in the summer and the Cats were very quiet. The reason? Nobody wins the Grey Cup in the summertime. So far I've got the same (humble) feeling from this year's team, but the fans (myself included :oops: ) are going overboard on how great the team is.

It is great, but we have to remember we haven't won anything yet.

I also remember Swaggerville that quickly turned into Staggerville. That expression was started by the bummers players, but boy, did their fans ever pick up on it (Swaggerville) and flogged it to death.

I am not trying to be a Grumpy Gus here, or Mr. Negative. I just think we all need to take a deep breath, enjoy the moment, and hope that it continues. The 13th man has not yet achieved his all star, and potential MVP season. Keep calm and cheer on my fellow fans. Together, we will reach the promised land.


Nope. No letting up now! We are the best!

You can remember the 60s??
You know what they say about people who remember the 60s.

I remember the sixties too, and while I like to think that us Ticat fans were humble and classy while our opponents are all full of themselves and crass, the fact is our memory is clouded by the limited amount of media in Hamilton compared to Toronto or Montreal, or even Ottawa. We have one newspaper and one TV station. Our opponents live in cities with multiple newspapers and TV stations.

So in those seasons when the Argos or Als or Rough Riders (not RoughRiders) were doing well their media competed with each other to over-hype their success. Much like is happening now in Toronto with the Blue Jays.

As a 10 year old, everyone I knew in Hamilton (and that was everyone I knew) were as excited with the success of the Ticats as it was possible to be. We were not humble or quiet. We just did not have competing media outlets amplifying our bragging.

Today we have the Internet, from these forums to Facebook, Instagram, even the comments fields at all the National media outlets websites. It may appear Ticat fans are bragging more than they used to, but my thesis is the Internet is just giving us taller soapboxes. :wink:

Thanks for the memories Bob and your theory on what went on in the sixties and how it has changed in the new millennium.

BTW: I notice you have not yet looked at my PM I sent you on August 10. I understand you are a busy man, but could you please at least read it for me? It would mean a lot. You'll understand when, and if you do read it.


The 20's, 60's and 90's were arguably the greatest decades of the past century, for the western world at least. (I was only alive for one of those decades)

Just my 2 Canadian pennies 8)