I remember the good old days...

I remember the good old days. It was over a month and a half ago...

Montreal was unbeaten and the Argos were suffering Spergon Wynn's atrocious outings, dwelling in the basement with only two wins...

Horus sent me a private message to ask if I was going to attend a game at Rogers Center this season. I told him I wouldn't because that was a hell of a long road trip just to attend a regular season game and I did not think the Argos would be the host should our two teams face off in the playoffs.

Horus agreed... "It sure doesn't look like the Argos would get the playoff home advantage against the Als", he said...

Oh, do I miss the good old days...

......pretty weird slide....o.k. Third, you are magically, through a CFL lottery system, made the Head Coach & GM tomorrow, what do you do?.....where do you start?.......

I'd trade to get some heart on the team. I'd be willing to give away talent for passion. As it is now, the Als players seem to hit the field to accomplish their day at work. Whereas you can see the Lions and Stamps play because their guts tell they want to.

Letting go Terry Vaughn seemed almost normal at the beginning of the year. He's old and expensive. When you want to make room for other contracts, he's the one that should go among the first ones. But Vaughn is a passionate who will play with heart even when he's down by three TDs with a few minutes to go.

Who, among the Als, play with such a desire to win right now? Our guys did not even seem to have that spark when we were in the 7 victory streak.

What's even more worrysome is Cahoon's attitude. Did you give him a good look recently? He always have that look that say "Ah f┬Áck it. When they'll start using me often I'll give them the Cahoon they know. But if I am to get two touches a game, I will stop busting my butt for these guys."

When Cahoon let go, there's not too many people on the passion ship anymore.

Here are the guys who played with passion this year:

  • Eric Lapointe, but he touched the ball about 20 times in 12 weeks.
  • Kai Ellis, impressive multitasking MLB.
  • Damon Duval, but there's only so much a kicker can do.

There was also Strickland before his injury and I will say Watkins over the last two games only.

You can't jumpstart a team with a backup running back, a kicker and two linebackers.

The Als must find back the fun in playing a football game. This must not be a job. This must not be about ending a bad streak. This is about playing because you love that game. Because when you love something really bad, you always go that extra mile to give your whole self to the object of your passion.

.....the loss of heart and attitude while directly the players fault are indirectly controlled by the coaching staff.....perhaps signing Don to a long term contract just before the slide began settled a malaise on the group that they cannot shake....

....they should practice more endzone dances, then they would have something to look forward to showing the fans every game....

Don't worry Third. You have the Bombers at home. That should get you back on your winning ways! :wink:

....not so fast there Sporty....the team that last played the leos and got beaten badly... didn't look much better than the Bombers getting beaten badly by the Stamps......the Als. do have the home-field advantage....but then it hasn't made that big a difference this year....at least for us.... :lol: :lol: :lol:

:lol: :lol: :lol:

I figured you'd take me to task on those comments papa!

Although, Matthews has a pretty deep bag of tricks, and I expect the Als to bounce back.

I miss those days when Winnipeg were dominating Edmonton, if only I could remember them.