I recieved an answer to my letter to the star about the poll

I am curious to know why your paper would run a poll, and then fake the results. On Feb 3th you ran a poll asking readers which brand of football they found to be more interesting, The CFL or the NFL.

Just before removing the poll the results showed
CFL 673 votes for 57%
NFL 504 votes for 42%
Today you are reporting that
CFL 991 votes for 40%
NFL 1162 votes for 47%
Not sure 315 votes for 12%
The not sure option was not an option yet you report that 12% of those who voted chose that option. You changed just enough of the votes to claim that the NFL is preferred!

Why bother do run the poll and then when you do not receive the results you want.....Print more favourable results.
It is well known that the Star favours, and would like to see an NFL team in Toronto but to print lies in order to justify their views has brought journalism to a new low.

I know that it is simply a poll but if you do not have the scruples to print the true results, can anything else you print be trusted?

I can no longer trust anything that you print and I am quite sure that your advertisers will feel the same way.

They replied
Hi I believe one of my editors has already been in touch with you. There were two polls. One in news. One in sports. The data was collected separately and reported accurately. Thanks for your interest.
Now! Should I reply and tell them that its SUPER BULL

Two separate polls? That's the best they can come up with? :lol:

Hmmm, I bet any money they are going to publish this in a peer reviewed journal that has a high impact factor. Like The Journal of Irreproducible Results :lol:


Excellent job taking them to task RO. I agree that their reply is Bull! The poll was about a sports subject. Why would they have one in the general news section as well??

Me thinks me smells a rats!! :thdn:

Go to the site and see if you can find another poll in the news section....I cant.

Also if you look at the results, there is none for the 3rd of Feb, the day of the poll and 2 for Feb 4th.
I guess it took them a day to figure out what to do!

So they are claiming they offered a "Not Sure" option in this phantom news poll, while not offering this option in their sports poll, despite asking the exact same question?

So are they confirming the results of their sports poll which showed the CFL winning 58% to 42%? And are we to believe that their news section readers are such big NFL supporters as compared to their sports section readers who overwhelmingly supported the CFL??

Like we found out with the infamous 19 missing minutes on Nixon's Watergate tapes, is the Star's coverup attempt actually worse than the original crime?

One of their editors had not previously been in touch with me

Then by all means respond to them ro, tell them that no editor was previously in touch with them, and point out what has been noted in these posts.....keep their feet in the fire!!!

....well of course ....when you are caught in the b.s. goop...just come out with the ol' two poll diversion' trick....what a joke....i think their nfl shorts are showing....lol lol..... the star....good bird-cage liner... :lol:

I guess along with informing them that they are mistaken in saying they were previously in touch with you, you might ask them for the results of both polls--separately-- and for a copy of where they printed those separate results.

Even if they had two polls--which seems highly doubtful--it would still be unethical of them to simply combine the two numbers to get one result.

If two polls were run, two results must be published or it is tampering.
Of course it is just the Star.
Ethics? We don't need no stinkin' ethics!!

yep, hard to believe a billion-dollar corporation has to stoop to this...And why? To make the poor little NFL seem somehow more popular than they really are in Canada?

well in Toronto anyway...oh yeah ...wait a minute ..i forgot
Toronto = Canada.....at least in their minds... :lol:

Pfffft...everyone knows that Toronto is the unofficial 51st state. But here's a little hypocritical factoid: last season, the Star was an official sponsor of the Argos. Which team is selling out their loyal to the CFL (well, me and a few others at least) fan base to the NFL?

Sure, Sokolowski claims that the Argos couldn't do a thing because it had already gone through. Bull-double explitive! If that's the case, then why did Bob Young pull out a few days before the announcement was made? The Argos' organization have become a bunch of hypocrits. I will be keeping my season tickets for this season, but every game I do end up attending will end up being a protest and a memorial to a once great franchise who got bent over and cornholed by a pro-American agenda.

Oskee-wee-wee 2009. Save a red season ticket for me at Ivor Wynne then.

The only star newspaper we have out here is right beside The Enquirer, and The Globe World news.

Ask them if they are related ro!

rogers is a jack ass, why doesn't he just use his money to put a CFL team in Halifax or QC or something, but oh, i forgot, only the best for Teddy, top tier sports teams out of top tier leagues. this guy runs a piss poor company, a piss poor baseball team, and i don't even want to see his football team. He should use his money for good, and that is improving his crap company and buying a CFL team.

Ans Rodgers has what to do with the Toronto Star’s poll?

He should use his money for good, and that is improving his crap company and buying a CFL team.
Or perhaps use his money to help improve our Canadian CIS athletics, instead of spending millions to bring NCAA Football to Toronto? I guess to Godfrey & Rogers, if it's American it must be better. They could soon be crowing that the International Bowl is twice as popular as the Vanier Cup, according to a recent Star football poll (News Division).

Or how his NFL partners sabatoged the design of the publically-funded BMO to never allow the CFL, Canadian College or High School football to be played there...unless tens of million's are spent on renovations. Perhaps they can lure an American high school team repleat with marching band instead, and you just know they are much better than those Canadian schools.

In Dave Perkin's story today:

As for the CFL, we know Tanenbaum's feelings here: When he and the gang at MLSE hijacked that publicly financed soccer stadium, the first thing they did was pour concrete close enough to the field to assure that no CFL game, much less a high school championship, could be played there. That didn't bother Rogers, either; the Argos will remain his tenant at the SkyDome, which, he chortled yesterday, "cost other people $600 million to build (and) we got for $25 million."

Seems to me that any respectable newspaper would take their two separate poll results and run with them as a story. If it is in fact true, and it seems highly suspicious, that seems to be an even bigger story than the results themselves.

Shame on The Star for shoddy, deceptive, highly manipulated reporting.

I posted an article a few months ago about the Argos beind isolated in Hogtown.

MLSE, and Rogers, which owns the Leafs, the basketball, the soccer and the Blue Jyas, are all getting together once they get thier NFL team.

And once that happens, the Argos get kicked out of the Skydome for the NFL, and have no where else to play. Because Tannenbaum has screwed the Argos at BMO field as well.

They are ganging up on the ARgos and the CFL to get rid of any competition. That way old man Rogers, if he lives long enough, and MLSE have Toronto all to themselves. They can even control the media.

Its was all so obvious I’m surprised nobody saw it coming.

Good job ro.
I used to play flag football a few years ago with the brother who was an editor in one of the sections of the Toronto Star.
This guy was totally a CFL fan and when he tried to talk with the Sports editor to ask why the NFL got top billing and the CFL was basically relegated to the back pages, he was told this editorial preference came down way from the top and basically from the President and head honcho.
So the CFL was never going to get the coverage in the so called other "Canada's Neswpaper".
As it turns out both the Globe and Star are anything but.