I really think we could have an Eskimos 2010 happen here

Tillman tore apart that 2010 team. he made so many changes that when they hit the field, so very few of them were recognizable.

I'm almost certain that you're going to see this happen in Regina.

wouldn't surprise me to see a lot of changes on both sides of the ball.

i don't think Tanam is capable of that, but who knows. I guess he is still looking, seeing as he brought in a DE in the last week. I tend to think there will be 6-8 major changes.

Things are going to change big time. I can't wait for the Grey Cup is over so that things get moving - HC hired - trades and signings happening. One thing about this season - it should wake up the "Powers" that be to the danger of staying pat to keep everyone happy - after time you end up with a season or 2 like this one which has no one happy. Next year at this time I want to be talking about having to freeze my butt off at a home playoff game.

I agree that this possibility is greater than many are willing to believe. Just our last game against Edmonton was proof to me that the difference between worst and first in a full sms regime is a fine one. We were playing lots of second stringers with nothing to play for playoff-wise against a team that had 1st place on the line playing all first stringers and we were with them to the bitter end.

With the right moves on both player and coaching side, there is a real possibility that this could be turned around into at least a playoff team, if not a first place team, by next year. I believe we have a foundation of existing talent on which we can build to achieve that.

I, for one, have definitely not lost faith.