I really got to say

I am concerned.

Calgary with Hufnagel and Burris and DD and more is a good bet to win the cup, IMO. At least they are a good bet to take the west. I see them no lower than second.

Sask still has more of the cup winner in them than most give them credit for and I see them in top two as well.

With Ray healthy, and Pierce questionable, along with other issues from this weeks game, I can see BC being odd man out this yr. yikes

Before we panick here! let's look at sum reality! Sask played hard, Why? they are the champs( 4 Now) they were obligated to come out swinging and Edmonton wasn't that great if you get right down to it! Sask always plays hard at thier own turf! so summing that up there playin well but i've seen my Lions shutem down and mop the feild with them. Without Joseph they are not bullitproof! Same shit with Calgary they had somthing to prove with the new coach new this new that! If BC was playing what they are capible when sask slowed in the 3rd quarter BC would have taken advantage and moved ahead and shut them down! It all comes down to willingness to play like there's no tommorrow! BC has the talent to rule the CFL i strongly believe it's all about player attitude! I like to use the example a good team is like a well tuned engine you have to have it running right and firing on all cylinders right now Lions are 3 cylinders short of a V-8. next game will show what is to come if BC smoke the green goons we are on track if not it's the start of a disasterous season! come on lions let's get serious! GO LIONS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saskatchewan was impressive. I'll give them credit. I didn't think they had anything in them but if they can sustain it or not is another question. Crandell's never been a legitimate starter so we'll see.

I was really surprised at BC's performance. I think it is the biggest shock of week 1. If Pierce is healthy they they'll probably get it together and be competitive but not number 1. However, Jackson is very overrated and won't lead this team to the top.