I really feel bad for Rider Fans!!

Seriously the past 5 games have been a nightmare for you guy and the fans in Saskatchewan deserve better and that comes straight from the heart, you have problems that need to be sorted out now and i don't wanna rub anything in but i would like to point out my observations as a Bomber fan:

Taman/Ken Miller ---- Not making any signifigant moves to correct what is wrong and we all know that Taman is not a great GM, trust me as a BB fan. It could be Miller preventing Taman from making any moves and in that case you have to put it on kens shoulders.

Ken Miller/Doug Berry/Jim Daley --- This is where it begins, Miller seems to have lost his team and is making horrible play calling decisions, Berry cannot make your team work even with arguably the best reciever's and one of the most promising QB'S in the league and your OLINE just stinks (sorry but it's true) Durant had no time to make the right reads in the past 2 games against us, a four man rush should not get to the QB on that many plays in a game, Your kick return game is struggling and i think Dorsey is not the answer for you guys, just horrible drops/missed catches while fielding the kicks etc.

I would start by Firing Daley and getting a returner that you can count on every game, Daley was also a former BB coach and he is just horrible where ever he goes. You need to make a change on the OLINE, maybe more than one, DD needs better protection and these guys are not giving it to him. You need to consider finding a better backup QB, DD is your starter an he is a great QB with protection but when the Oline struggles or DD struggles you have to have a Backup QB that can give you a spark and give DD a rest or a few looks from the sideline, Dinwiddie is not that guy and the only reason he is there is because he is Berry's "boy". I don't think you should look at making a coaching change yet (head coach) but should seriously take a close hard look at Taman at GM, his friend Berry as OC and Dinwiddie (Berry's boy). I see the same pattern there as we had in Winnipeg with Taman, Berry and so on.....

Good Luck the rest of the season and i hope things work out for you guys!!

they need to make a few changes in their teams attitude as well as get rid of a few players that are just not playing well..

Dorsey's gotta be the first to go.

Unfortunately... Blue and Gold NAtion nailed it....

Taman is useless and will not do anything to make this team better... no changes this year... we have 3 wins in the last 7 and not played well. The days of Tillman and Austin would not have tolerated poor play like this... Dorsey and Prechae would be shelved... and players pushing them...

not impressed with Daley or Berry so far...

The o - line is having its worst year in years... some getting a little long in the tooth???

Daley needs to go.

you totally nailed it thanks for the post


I agree with many points blueandgold made. However, I don't think Miller has lost this team and I think he will prove that throughout the rest of this season. Also, I wouldn't call the last 5 games a disaster. The Riders have not played well and have still managed 2 wins. Disaster would have been losing 5 in a row. Changes need to be made but there is plenty of season left and I believe Durant will show why he is a great leader and will be for many more years.