i read today

in the Edmonton Sun that the eskies and another westernt eam are after jason goss...since he requested a trade

I thought you were going to tell us the english army had just won the war.

they did…no shit thts cool :wink:

Who is Jason Goss!

I thought he meant Jason Maas?

Are there any Eskimo fans out there who have heard what Edmonton would be willing to trade to get Goss?

jason goss plays for the cats.duhhh

Jason Goss is a DB who did this agaisnt the the Stamps in the first meeting between the teams in Calgary last season, in week 3:

Near the end of the half, Calgary was in position to score again and take a commanding lead. Instead, Burris was picked off at the one-yard line by Goss who ran the length of the field the other way for a Hamilton touchdown to bring the Ticats within two points of the Stamps.

Never heard of him.

A couple years ago he had 7 INYs. He's only 27 or 28. He's a major impact player.

Is he import or non import, sorry to show mu ignorance. I've heard of him and perhaps he would help, but don't know that I'd want to give up much to get him unless he's Canadian

hes american

Goss is a very talented DB, he is a ball hawk and for that reason sometimes gets beat trying for the pick, he would be in my top 10 in the league. He wants to play in the west, which could have something to do with the western teams stocking up on receivers. He is going to be traded to a western team for a receiver most likely.