I Quit

I will be no longer posting on Ticats.ca, but I just wanted to say thanks to the few people that made me feel welcome. Have fun complaining about the 'Cats.

liar, your gonna end up coming back on labour day to trash the team after the argos blow them up.

i thought that was your job 88 :wink:

play nice or get out of the sand box. :slight_smile:

Is this a serious "I quit" or

a Mikey-esque "I quit" where you come back an hour later like nothing happened?

Probably more like change your id and come back to post.

its a serious one, dont think he'll be back for quite some time.

Hey Miller91...get your butt back in here!

Don't let the bully's, or trolls win!

dont worry woody, something tells me he'll be ZONE-ING in on all of us soon enough... lol

Sorry but you can't blame the so-called 'bullies and trolls' on this one. I'd feel the need to leave too if I called "all the new people idiots."

Dude, Miller is 14 years old. Why don't you cut him some slack?

I am sure what Miller meant to say is that this site doesn't have the same personality is did, prior to its merger with cfl.ca. Quite a few of the old guard, such as Vinny, Wilf & Onemorefork, rarely post now. It was guys like those that helped to make the site what it was.

thanks for letting us no ya leaving. :?

I don't care if the kid is 14 years old or not, it shows how immature he is by comming on here and whining about everyone else and calling them all idiots...it seems like he knows a bit about football from his posts but when you come one and start whining and complaining about everyone else and then start calling them idiots?? Thats just not cool, good riddance junior

Gimme a break,this is not the first time on the site he has called someone an idiot or worse.
Just because he's 14 that's supposed to make anything he posts on a public message board perfectly okay.

Dont forget your jock strap... come back when you finish with puberty. And i dont care how old he is with a mouth like that he needs to learn the hard way.

who cares about this 14-year-old kid, we are supposed to worship him? if milelr wants to leave, its fine with me, if he wants to stay its fine with me too, but to make a thread announcing your leaving is showing that he is a selfish, self-promoter and he craves the attention.

What's up with all the melo drama lately, there's this 'I quit', then there was Mikey's I need a hug thread a couple of days ago. Isn't this a football forum?

drama queen probably sums it up best

A teacher teaches. A bully... well, you know.

so, does this mean you will post via CFL.CA instead??