I propose a trade

Hey Hamilton!
You guys don't have a kicker. Well, you technically do, but not really. So here's my proposition:
We have 2 great kickers, we'll trade Paul McCallum for Alexandre Gauthier. Canadian for Canadian and each team NEEDS help at the other position.
Whadda say? It would be nice to not worry about our QBs getting killed each game and I'm sure you'd like being able to reliably kick 30 yard fieldgoals.

Ironically, despite giving up all those sacks (a league high 65), we don't need help on the O-line. A large % were given up in the first part of the year. When we acquired McGrath and Newman (and moved Olafioye to left tackle) they declined sharply!

Plus we'll be getting Valli and Jones back, both of whom are non-imports and were lost for the year with knee injuries. Face it though, in Chapdelaine's pass happy offense with his ridiculously slow developing plays, even Montreal's or Calgary's O-line would give up a lot of sacks.

No, where we need help with non-imports is the D-line, with only the aging Brent Johnson there.

I think you'd have to sweeten the pot Grims. . . the age differential is too great. . . McCallum's about to turn 41 in early January and Gauthier turns 34 later this week.

B.C. I think will be a decent team next year if they make the right moves!

Lulay is looking like he has finally got it.

it's going to be one tight division in 2011!

Yeah, both have only a year or two left, its a pretty even trade.

…better hurry-up with that trade as McCullum is ‘rumoured’ to be headed back to sask…Riders do not expect Congi to return…I can see Paul ending up there…IF he can get over the manure episode :lol:

Yes, I heard that rumour too. What's up with Congi? Is his knee injury a career ender of something? Or is he just expected to miss the first part of the season?

I say we trade macallum for an upgrade at OC

.......he messed his leg-up pretty good....mcl and acl....For a kicker that's disaster...There have been some remarkable come-backs after so-called 'career ending' injuries...Recovering from this one would truly be a miracle :roll:

Well, if Congi's a no-go (which would be a real shame), I'd be prepared to let the Green Riders have Duval. . . cheap.

Wow! What a deal. Almost too good to be true.

Wait, is there some sort of catch? Like he can't kick a 30 yard fieldgoal? I hope you're not trying to pull any funny business!

Me ? Perish the thought :wink:

I'd give you Berry in a heartbeat!

Pass, how about Sean Whyte for Alex Gauthier though? :slight_smile:


Sask will take any used equipment bag in exchange for Daley.

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Sure... The forum messes up so my joke doesn't make sense. :x

nothing rhymes with orange, therefore, he is calling himself nothing :wink: