I promised this one to K.W. today

I went to the Tiger's lair today
The home of the 'Cats
The home of the Cats
To adjust my Season's pair today
At the home of the 'Cats
The home of the 'Cats
And with flair and elan did Kevin arise
And look at me full square in the eyes
He vowed to make my spirit arise
In the home of the Tiger-Cats

I'd brought many tickets in to exchange
So I could see 'Cats
So I could see 'Cats
Plus Labour Day seats to buy and arrange
So All could see 'Cats
All fam'ly see Cats
His fingers flew on that old keyboard
His skill and his service had me quite floored
And in this old man his smile struck a chord
In the office of Tiger-Cats

So if you need tickets or have a request
Go ask of the 'Cats
Go ask of the 'Cats
For Kevin, and Joe, and Claire are the best
They work for the 'Cats
Yes, work for the 'Cats
The new building's humming and's really quite nice
(The season's tickets are still a great price)
And this year we'll put those foul Argos on ice
As we cheer for our Tiger-Cats!

Very nice, Mark. Kevin is great. He's always come through for me and I bug him a lot. :smiley:

Mark, you old devil...

It seems there's the soul of a poet lurking inside you. Who knew?
We look forward to your paeans of praise for our team!

Where do we send our nominations for Canada's Poet Laureate? :slight_smile:

And about a team of Ticats who deserve the recognition!



I thought KW meant Kitchener Waterloo and that we were going to get another hockey related post.

Wilf- have you forgotten my sonnets of '05 or last year's Shakespeare contest? I'm chagrined.

(...also not terribly sure if it's entirely appropriate to refer to a minister as 'you old devil' but I'll take in in the spirit with which I want to imagine that it was given. :smiley:

Mark, you're right. I had forgotten the Shakespeare contest, in which you excelled.

I still don't recall the '05 sonnets. But, I'll attribute that to my failing memory.

Now, apologies for my use of the word 'devil'.
I considered using 'reprobate', but discarded that quickly. Other names came to mind, none really suitable. So I settled on what turns out to be an unfortunate choice.

If you like, would you submit a selection of acceptable terminology. On the off chance that I find something that I can use in good conscience, I'll do better next time.


So you want me to give you a list of acceptable rotten things to call me? This world is getting stranger all the time. :slight_smile:

Let's make it a new contest.... :smiley:

New contest ???

OK. Let's do the 'haiku' thing again.

When you're ready, start off a new thread.
Remember the rules...
3 lines, 17 syllables.

May I suggest the subject..'2007 Tiger-Cats'

Over to you, my friend.

Thanks Mark. We are always happy to help. To touch on the theme of Mark’s work, if you do have any ticket exchanges, questions or comments, please feel free to contact your Account Rep or visit our store locations (Jarvis store opening very soon!).