I preferred Guelph over Mac?

As a Tiger-Cat Fan I definitely preferred when the Cats played last year at Guelph University than at Mac at least at Guelph they had a better win record and larger crowd, more of a football stadium atmosphere but I guess 13,000 is better than 6500? It's too bad they couldn't have kept playing at Guelph while the new stadium was being built, actually they could have taken contractor for the whole year in Guelph because by the sounds of it the new Tim Horton's Field won't be ready for some time still, labour Day is in question, maybe some time in the Fall?

It always felt like they were being pretty optimistic with the timeline on THF. Unfortunately that turned out to be true.

Yes. They are really trying to make a go of it at Mac but having stands on only one side just reduces the "feel" of the game greatly. What's surprising is that there are any open seats at Mac.