I predicted = Printers is hopeless and done!

i predicted the demise of Casey printers. he is useless under pressure. All he had to do was orchestrate a couple of first downs. instead he bobbled away the game again. Wally should cut him tomorrow. What a disaster this season has been and led by the most expensive quarterback in the CFL. Why do we still have this disaster on our team. Go enjoy your life Casey but please stop playing football for my team.

I dont understand why he doesn't run. Lulay is more than willing to run, why can't casey do the same.
And why didn't he throw the ball away on the sack in the second OT? He had enough time...

He wasn't very good for sure. It might also have to do with the complancancy showed by the Lions.
It seemed they thought the game was ITB and forgot to play.

In Printers’s defense, I’d like to know whether Wilson ran the right route on that final pick-six.

....Printers looked as bad as Brink in this last game....Whatever happened to his game is mindboggling....If the leos have to play Casey for the rest of the year ..good luck :roll:

mactheknife comes on to rip printers again...how predictable.

Well, this time he was right. It took a couple of days, but Buono has just "parted ways" with Printers.

I'm pretty surprised by this. They haven't used JJ all year but he is kept instead. I know Printers didn't live up to expectations but for the most part I'd put that on the O-line. It so many situations, no QB could have been successful.
I hope this doesn't come back to haunt the Lions. At least there is now some more cap room to help out else where.

pretty sure this is more attitude and conduct based than performance, although performance has not been good either

Hopefullly no other CFL team picks the clown up. IMHO after his stunned performance as a Ti Cat he should never have been given another shot.
There are plenty of NON Imports who could do better or at least not any worse than K_ranky C_rybaby :twisted:

The writing was on the wall. You can't throw your teammate under the bus like that.
Especially after the biggest collapse in the CFL season, when you haven't done anything all year.

Printers hasn't been the same guy since 2004 and then he left for the NFL. Sometimes the grass isn't greener on the other side. His uncle/agent gave him some awful advice and he's never been the same player. For some reason he was unwilling to ever run with ball...I don't know why. It's not the system because Lulay does it well.

I'm not sure Lulay is the guy, but at least there's a sense of curiosity with him. You want to see what he can do, and most people believe he has the ability/potential to be a good CFL QB. With Casey Printers what you saw is what you got. It wasn't good enough.

If its for attitude, that's one thing. I wouldn't rip on him anymore than JJ for poor performance. But having said that, I agree, he hasn't been the same since he left for the NFL. Dunno what happened but something significant did happen.

I'm even more worried now than before about our QB situation. We have 1 guy who's basically a noob and one who is inconsistant at best. This doesn't fill me with confidence.

I really hope Toronto doesn't pick him up.......but I got a bad feeling they will.

I'm with you Birdman69, I don't think bringing in Printers would be beneficial. Let Lemon continue through the course of this season, gaining valuable experience so he can come back better next year.

Under previous Argo regimes, your feeling woutd probably have been accurate.

But with Barker calling the shots, i am not so sure at all. He's gone on record several times as indicating that, for better or worse, he's bound and determined to develop his own QB and is not interested in picking up other teams' castoffs. He wasn't interested in making a bid for Buck Pierce, and at this late stage in the season I seriously doubt he'd change his tune now for Casey Printers.

Hmm. This is kind of surprising but isn't at the same time. BC needs some new blood at QB. They've been rockin the same mediocre guys for the last few seasons.

This is definitely attitude. There was a LOT of discipline and attitude problems from the Lions in that last game, but the last one was Printers ripping into Wilson after throwing the interception. As Wally pointed out, Printers had a read that was open and didn't take it. Instead of looking in the mirror, he went ballistic on a team mate.

I think a message was just sent to the entire team: cut the BS or go home.

Know of any good QBs out there? Yeah JJ hasn't really done anything but we've kept him. TL is new blood but isn't proven. The Lions simply have not been the same team since Dave Dickenson got his last concussion.

JJ's a nice #2 option, but that's about it. I'd say Wally needs to start scouting.

When I heard about the release this is exactly what I thought. Printers played poorly and then rips into a teammate on the field, caught on camera. Casey will have lost the confidence of his team and coach - he has to go. Some vague comments by veterans after the game alluded to real anger at some attitude stuff that they probably hashed out today with the Buono. The immediate response leading to Printers release and perhaps one or two more to come. I'd say Sanchez and Mitchell had the riot act read to them as well.

They'd better have. As I said in another thread, the transgressions of Sanchez and Mitchell were far more serious than Printers chewing out Wilson on national TV. As bad as that was, the fact remains that the game was over at that point. What Sanchez and Mitchell did occurred during the game, and led directly to the Lions' loss, and can therefore be seen as being far more serious transgressions.