I predict GC TV Numbers will be in excess of 7.5M

With a dream matchup this year and with the home town team in the countries biggest market, I am suggesting this will be the biggest audience ever.

it should since its the biggest grey cup match ever done even non sports fans and non CFL fans will take a look on Sunday

[url=http://www.ctvmedia.ca/tsn/releases/release.asp?id=15831&yyyy=2012]http://www.ctvmedia.ca/tsn/releases/rel ... &yyyy=2012[/url]

Toronto, ON (November 19, 2012) – The 100th GREY CUP PLAYOFFS continued yesterday with huge audiences for TSN and RDS.

Overnight data from BBM Canada confirms that the Western Final with Calgary @ B.C. was watched by an average audience of 2 million viewers on TSN and RDS (1.9 million on TSN; 105,000 on RDS).

On TSN, this marked a 3% increase compared to last year. Audience levels peaked at 2.9 million on TSN late in the fourth quarter of the game as the Stampeders held on to defeat the defending Grey Cup champions at BC Place.

Earlier in the afternoon, the Eastern Final, featuring Toronto @ Montreal, attracted an average audience of 1.9 million on TSN and RDS (1.43 million on TSN; 466,000 on RDS).

On TSN, the Eastern Final was up 15% compared to last year. Audience levels peaked at 2.7 million viewers on TSN as the Alouettes set up their last play of the game.

Overall, more than 8.6 million Canadians watched some part of the 100th GREY CUP PLAYOFFS on TSN and RDS yesterday.

Why do you say this is a dream matchup?

I think this one will have the biggest audience ever as well, but not because of any reasons other than ratings tend to go up each year. If it is a close game and competitive into the fourth quarter, I think the ratings will be very good. And who knows, maybe the second half will get the Bieber bump.

One thing I do know is that my TV won't be on, but that's because I'll be at the game.

Yes for me too.
I will be there and early to soak up all of the game day events.

Having Toronto in the GC will actually hurt the numbers a bit. But there are no NHL games to draw away viewers (last year there were three). Justin Bieber will draw some female / youth numbers. My prediction: 5.6M on TSN / 250K on RDS.

All the numbers here are far too low. I'll guess the numbers will be north of 11 million. This is a historic game that's been hyped like no other. A lot of people are going to tune in.

If it had been Montreal and BC I would say maybe. Without Montreal they lost the 800,000 RDS numbrers.
Toronto may be the biggest population but if you look at the CFL tv ratings the Argo games were not the most watched. The ratings will be somewhere around where they were last year around 5 million.

The Grey Cup telecast hasn't got any competition this year. I get DirecTV and according to my guide there is only one NFL game at 4PM on Fox and that should be ending by the time the Grey Cup kicks off at around 18:40. The other NFL game doesn't start until 20:30. No NHL, NASCAR is finished.
So we shouldn't have all the excuses about the Grey Cup going head to head with other sports because it doesn't.
But I will be watching the Amazing Race at half time instead of the Bieber halftime show.

While they will be good numbers my guess is around 8.5 it won't go above 10 million.

for those who don't regularly visit cbc.ca, they have a lot of good CFL articles and videos up right now.
i usually only see the stuff on tsn.ca, but this week a variety of websites are posting CFL content, and for die-hards like us who can't get enough, its great.

i went to toronto monday to check out some festivites and do the zip-lining at nathan phillips square. very fun.
i hope all the activites going on right in the core of the city - where millions pass by - really pays off for the league and team, and draws some extra eye-balls to tsn on sunday.

i've posted video of zip-lining on my facebook page, and friends who live in the GTA ( who don't follow football ) are going to join in the fun, which is great to see.

they are doing a fabulous job this year. anyone going to the eaton centre mall or anywhere in the core of the city won't be able to avoid seeing a CFL presence.

seeing the results of last nights pep rally, the argos should really do that every year leading up to the canada-day kick-off to increase awareness for the club.

anyway, happy grey cup week to all!

Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure you will! :wink:

I started researching this a couple of hours ago and here is my list of indicators which should tell us precisely how many viewers will tune into all or part of the 100th Grey Cup game (or not):

  1. Recent Grey Cup viewer counts (6M)
[url=http://canadiansportsfan.wordpress.com/2011/11/28/99th-grey-cup-a-huge-draw-for-tsn-and-rds/]http://canadiansportsfan.wordpress.com/ ... n-and-rds/[/url]
  1. 100th Grey Cup historical factor: The 100th of anything is extra special (+3M)
  2. The GTA factor: Usual GC audience 3M - double it (+3M)
  3. The RDS factor: Le Boo Hoo choke (-1M)
  4. NHL withdrawal Factor: (+1M)
  5. Upset of B.C. Lions: (-2M)
  6. Added entertainment factor: The game won't live up to the hype (-1M)
  7. Uncertainty factor: No clear favourite (+1M)
8) The Bieber factor: I spent a lot of time researching this and got nothing usable (+1M)
  1. Added US broadcast coverage/promotion: NBC, ESPN3 live feed (+1M)
  2. NFL game factor: My Dirty Birds will beat down SD, but I won't watch it, NO vs. SF (0)
    TOTAL: 12 million full/part-time viewers

I'm going on 4 hours sleep, so the list is probably more valuable than my guesses ( I mean calculations ) right now.
Have fun with it :rockin:

We should remember that last year’s Grey Cup drew 4.6M viewers, the 4th highest in history (for Wpg vs B.C.)

An optimistic projection might be:

Add 1.5M for Argos in GC
Deduct .5M for no Quebec team
Add 1M for 100th GC event
Add .5M for CFL interest on general upswing
Add 5M viewers for halftime show (20 min.) = .5M

Total: 7.6 Million Average with 19 Million Canadians watching all or part of Grey Cup

That would be a 60% increase over last year’s GC, which may be hard to justify, considering the playoffs ratings are up about 10% so far this year. I know I’ll be watching… :thup:

The "Official" ratings for the East and West finals were released yesterday by BBM, not bad. Officially 1.6 million average viewers, for the 1PM to 4PM time slot (East final) but then the viewers drop off below a million for the West final. That surprises me.

Also surprised that the RDS numbers didn't even register in the top 30 on French Language TV, despite the fact the Als were playing. Seems most Quebecers were watching "Noel Star Academy" That must be a disappointment for the CFL. I can't see many viewers on RDS watching the Grey Cup.

With no Montreal or BC, I'm guessing 4 million.

[url=http://bbm.ca/_documents/top_30_tv_programs_english/2013/nat11122012.pdf]http://bbm.ca/_documents/top_30_tv_prog ... 122012.pdf[/url] [url=http://bbm.ca/_documents/top_30_tv_programs_english/2013/nat11122012.pdf]http://bbm.ca/_documents/top_30_tv_prog ... 122012.pdf[/url]

I live in BC all the talk here is about the Grey Cup lots of football fans here are going to tune in

Wasn't the West final quoted as having 1.9 million viewers in the overnight ratings? I know here in the states their is usually a discrepancy between the overnight #'s and final ratings which come out several days later. But a drop of 50% seems rather unusual.

You must be new here? Those are Mikem's "special" numbers and should not be relied upon with verification.

Yes blame the messenger! I just want to clarify with the official BBM numbers that come out at the end of the week compiled by Neilsen.
Seems everyone gets excited when someone posts "wow I heard on the radio that there were 2 million viewers last night" and when you ask for a link to the numbers, no response.
Then when the official numbers are put out there, I get blamed for being negative or somehow posting numbers that are not true?
The numbers are there for anyone to look at, it's on BBM don't blame me. As for them so called "overnight" ratings it was someone stating "they heard" etc.

The numbers are good so why are people complaining?????????? 1.6 million

[url=http://bbm.ca/_documents/top_30_tv_programs_english/2013/nat11122012.pdf]http://bbm.ca/_documents/top_30_tv_prog ... 122012.pdf[/url]

You can check for more info and see how they compile the numbers here. Don't take much notice of people that post numbers the day after an event


Anyone read or hear anything about the overnight ratings?