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Hello Im from the west coast of Canada. They wont let me post a new thread here so I thought this one was the closest thing to starting a new one. You may know or may not know we have a league called the Canadian Football League and this year marks our 95th Grey Cup. Anyway the last 2 weeks two guys by the name Paul Godfrey and Ted Rogers from Toronto want to buy YOUR football team and move them to Toronto. It is a huge debate here the CFL is part of our heritage and still is way more popular than the NFL. But we fear that the Bills moving here would eventually deystroy the CFL we are too small of a country to fight the biggest and most powerful league in the world. I dont know if you have even heard of this down there but I thought I would bring it to your attention. Help save your Bills and my CFL.

The Bills stink!! all it's going to do is waste their money and put fans to sleep!

What replies did you get?

Nothing yet. There is absolutely nothing on their forum about the Bills moving to Toronto.I just thought that we should get them on our side. What do you think?

I don't see what all of the gnashing of teeth is about, frankly. After 90+ years of the CFL, Argos fans will continue to be Argos fans even if the Bills somehow moved to Toronto.(which isn't likely IMO) And the idea that a Toronto NFL team would become representative of the whole of Canada and thereby bleed enough revenue out of the CFL to cause its death is pretty far-fetched also. Everyone seems to be sucked into panic scenario here, and I just don't see it unfolding that way.

Exactly. I cant see people in any other CFl city deserting their team just because there is an NFL team in Toronto

No real Bills fan wants to bust up the CFL and its great tradition. Your politicians in Canada need to stand up for what is ethically right and resist capitalistic greed. I am afraid it is too late for many of my fellow Americans who put the almighty dollar above all else.
Thats the first response on their forum and another guy asked do you really think that could happen.

[url=http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports/bombers/story/4057130p-4661669c.html]http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports ... 1669c.html[/url]

Since when have you known any politician to stand up for "what is ethically right" or to "resist capitalistic greed"?


That is brilliant and funny! Wow if dip head in Toronto can come up with a billion dollars why does he not finance stadiums acroos Canada. After all everyone knows once the novelty of an NFL team runs dry then you have the a team like the Blue Jays! By the way have they folded yet?

One way the Federal government could stop this would be to put the CFL rule of having so many Canadians on the NFL squad after all we do have Canadians that can play football.

Id like to know how the Blue Jays got skydome for 25 million some one should go to jail for that.