I pledge to do my part to

The topic is really about my efforts, which are somewhat limited given where I live, but if the players sold t-shirts I would likely buy a couple.

Thanks for the heads up! Time to order a Lions shirt.

An Als shirt should be arriving in the next few days hopefully.

it would be nice to have a few

The https://store.cflpa.com/ doesn't have t-shirts, but I might buy a 2019 all star set of cards.

Not sure I understand what the Agent renewal thing is.

Me either. I wasn't aware that players had to actually sign up and pay for an agent.

Order in at the https://store.bclions.com/ and I have to say that it was a VERY PLEASANT EXPERIENCE. The store seems better run (by Shopify, whose stock I own) than the other stores I have tried so far. First, it gave me the prices in US dollars. Second, it gave me lower cost shipping options. Third, it let me pay with PayPal. Fourth, it was less expensive than the other stores I've tried (especially Montréal's). So, the total was $42.47 CAD with shipping, as opposed to over $69.99 :open_mouth: at the Als' store — the most expensive so far for a basic t-shirt.

To avoid fly-by-night, fast-talking scam artists teams will only negotiate with CFL certified agents ...

Oh, well, that makes perfect sense. I thought it was for the players, but it's actually for the agents themselves.

Order in at https://www.thebomberstore.com/

This was also a pleasant experience, since I was allowed to use PayPal, though I had to pay a premium for the retro-style t-shirt I bought (I really go for the retro stuff). Even still, it was cheaper than the Als' store, even though I was only given one shipping option.

Here's the latest:

THE most expensive t-shirt I have ever purchased.

The shirt from the Bomber store should be arriving any day now. I still need to order from the Ti-Cats, REDBLACKS, and Aaaargoooos.

This arrived today. I think it's my favourite so far, though 'm proud to wear them all.

I have now ordered from all the stores. The Lions store was the least expensive, and the Argo and Als' store the most expensive.
I'm disappointed that the two nicest t-shirts in the REDBLACKS store are both sold out :frowning: But, I ordered the only one I could find (other than plaid) that was available.

I should be receiving the Lions shirt any day now. It will take at least a week for the Cats', Aaaaargoooos, and REDBLACKS shirts to arrive.

Roar you Lions roar.

That's what Lions roar is for!

Tip of the hat to the Lions store for including a cool fridge magnet!

Six down and 3 to go — wait that can't be right LOL


Oskee Wee Wee


I had read that the early facemasks from China were defective. So I thought maybe the Argos masks I ordered would have been made over here. They arrived after a 19 day journey, after shipping, from St. Thomas, Ontario. These things take time. Lol. My excitement was rather dulled after checking the tags though. You guessed it. "Made in China".

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This shirt is not as cool of some of the other (sold out) ones, but it's still pretty nice.

The Argos, typically, will be last. I have no idea when it will get here since it seems to be taking the slow boat.

RB one is pretty blah for sure .

Argos have the smallest and worst selection .

Anything good looking is sold out immediately .

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Here's the final shirt. I now have at least one shirt for every team, plus a CFL "Diversity" shirt. :smiley:


Good grief looks like they went to the local 1980's t-shirt print shop .

Toronto is doing a good job making way for their NFL dream .

It's pretty plain looking, and doesn't say "CFL" anywhere on it, but the picture doesn't do it justice. It's actually kind of a nice cotton shirt. I chose the least annoying Argos design :slight_smile:
You're right though, it could have been made by a bootlegger in his Tijuana basement. There nothing at all official about it. All the other shirts have a CFL somewhere on it.

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