I pledge to do my part to

...help the CFL by buying a t-shirt for every team in the league. The Esks store accommodates those living outside the country. Lets hope all the other team stores do as well.

Here's the first two:

They're nice quality shirts, BTW.


Finally, someone filling in the hole rather than digging it deeper. I'm in!

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Looking good

I am in as well.

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All stores are open for online sales EXCEPT the Lions'. Not sure what's up with that. I'll have to try and find a Lions shirt somewhere else, sadly.

I buy two shirts from each store because otherwise the shipping to the states costs more than one shirt is worth.

But you want me to buy one from the ARGOS??????? The ARGOS?????? Is even this pandemic and the threat of global extinction enough to make that an 'okay' thing to do? The mind more than boggles.....

LOL Yeah, even the hated Argos need some love at this time.


Currently the Alouettes on line store is not processing orders due to the current health situation.

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That’s a good question. Other leagues have jumped on that product.

Thanks for that, tony, I hadn't tried to place an order there yet.

I've been working in Marketing for a very, very long time, and one thing I've learned is that when times get tough successful companies ramp up their marketing, not go into hibernation. With the season (and maybe even the league's existence) on the line teams should be going balls out to market themselves. Shutting down your store and ignoring great marketing opportunities (such as face masks) is a GIANT BLUNDER.
Teams could even partner with another team's store to sell their stuff. There is no good excuse. If Edmonton, Calgary, and Regina (the only stores I've tried) can fulfill online orders there no excuse for other teams not to do so, even if it means piggy backing off another store. You're all in this together.

Here are the latest to arrive.

Next up, 'rider gear.

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So far the Stamps are leading the US Delivery championship, followed closely by the Esks. The 'riders are next up, but it's taking a lot longer since Canada Post sent the package 2700 kilometres to Mississauga to be sent 4200k back to California!
I have ordered from the Als' store, but it charged $40 for delivery, which is $15 more than the other stores. It's not clear why that is.

It's worth pointing out that the most financially successful franchises in the CFL (AFAIK) β€” the Stamps, Esks, and Roughriders β€” did not close their online stores during the pandemic. It's possible to order from the Als' store, but it won't process orders yet, but the Lions' store won't even take your order. All the other stores (Bombers', Tiger-Cats', Argos', and REDBLACKS') appear to be open for business.

Why, the REDBLACKS have them RIGHT HERE!

I gotta order one of those bad boys!

Giant KUDOS to the REDBLACKS for being all over that! They deserve our support!

AWESOME! Go Ti-Cats!

I ordered three face masks all with different emblems from the Argos store. There won't be any games to go to this year, but I can wear them around town.


I'm really happy to see teams jumping on this. It's good marketing! Now, if the Lions and Als would only start shipping merch.

My $60 t-shirt from the Als has shipped. I'm not sure if I should be happy or very very sad. They use Purolator instead of Canada Post like the Western teams do, which likely explains the premium shipping price that is more than the price of a t-shirt.

Purolator is 91% owned by Canada Post ...

Good for you supporting CFL merchandise ....


The Lions store is open again.

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given current climate, the title of this topic could be misleading.

Could we the CFL fans do our part to support ALL our players.