I plan on "renewing" for 2016, and here is why...

I'm seriously not sure about renewing.

The experience just isn't the same at THF. Sure, the seats are nicer, and there are amenities, but this new stadium is at times painfully quite.

I've sat on both sides and in both upper and lower sections. The crowds at THF just don't have 'it'.

I've been a cats fan for 20 years, and a season ticket holder for nearly a decade and I'll tell you right now i'd be hard pressed to say Hamilton has the best fans/gameday experience in even just ontario, nevermind the CFL.

Really?! Wow. I found IWS painfully quiet most of the time, as it was never really full. Most of my memories near the end of IWS consist of rows and rows of empty seats around me, with a bunch of fans that got free tickets and didn't really give a crap about the game.

THF is the best crowd and best stadium in Ontario hands down and I know because I've been to em all several times. McGill is great when the Alouettes are winning not so much when they're down. Toronto is a graveyard at the best of times and Ottawa is very conservative but fun. Hamilton is much more intense and football savvy than the other crowds. You want on your feet, beer drinkin', hell raising fandom come to the Ones baby! Section 111, the East enders!

Real fans don’t jump on and off the bandwagon (Majority of Jays fans! )they are like maple leaf fans (dedicated )win or lose the bums are in the seats that’s like a dedicated hardcore Ticat Fan ! Not like “well if we didn’t make the playoffs than I am not renewing ?!” That’s a crock ! New stadium and a COMPETATIVE team is all I need to get our families rear ends in “Our” seats :lol: and its special knowing those are my seats from day one ! at THF like a new car or NEW HOME! Mine till the day I die ! And my late dad and I are on the Legacy wall ! Ps we have the BEST OWNER IN THE CFL!