I plan on "renewing" for 2016, and here is why...


I was never more proud of a group of players on the Ticats than I was of this team. They battled back through some incredible bad luck and circumstance to come within a whisker of going back to the Cup for a third straight year. Although Edmonton, and even Ottawa, are worthy of their achievements I am sure that if they had to battle through what we did, they likely would not have even made the playoffs, let alone won the division finals.

I can only hope that most, if not all, of our pending free agents are re-signed. I can't guarantee a Cup next year, but I truly think that our team is something special.

This is why I am voting with my pocketbook.

Oskee Wee Wee (in perpetuity).

:rockin: :rockin: :rockin: I renewed a few weeks ago and feel the same way you do .

Next year will be my first as a STH, so I hope the boys keep it up and have a great season!

Me too! Second year for seasons tickets, and maybe the best money I have ever spend on entertainment. Win or lose, THF is a fun place to watch a game. I'll be there, actually sitting in my seats by the way, and cheering on the Cats for their introduction. Gives me chills down the spine every time. And singing the National Anthem with the " country's largest flag". If you can name a better experience, I would be impressed. Oskee-wee-wee!

Yup I renewed also, I will never give up my seats :thup:

Going to upgrade to Golds next year probably. I find the atmosphere in 207 is kind of lacking. I want to sit with the diehards. Also, as long as Austin is the coach of this team, I’ll be a STH.

103 is the honorary Box H. I highly recommend it. :wink:

I will be renewing mine as well. This was my first season as a STH. I've been to a couple games per year over the past few years. Having seen every home game, getting to know the people that sit on either side of us. It made for a great experience and something fun to do once a week or so. Win or lose, its always a great game to watch, and this past year was extremely exciting and definitely worth every penny spent.

Can't wait to see them start off strong and healthy in 2016.

Growing up, I went to one game yearly, usually Labour Day. My aunt is a longtime (like, 25 years-ish?) STH and she used to get us tickets. I went to more games this year then I have in previous years, thanks to winning free tickets on Twitter a few times. Since I'm fresh out of college, I'm pretty broke, so free tickets are really great for me. :wink:

Once both my fiance and I are employed (he's still in college for another year), I think we might get season tickets. So, if everything goes according to plan, we won't get them this year, but for 2017.

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have been a part of my family for generations, being a Cats fan is in my blood. I passed that on to my fiance who, before dating me 6 years ago, had never watched a CFL game in his life. He now loves the Ticats and he's probably one of the more passionate fans I know. He bought our (house)cat a Ticat jersey this year. Our cat is a Cat fan. One day, our children will be Ticat fans.

1999, when the Ticats last won the Grey Cup, I was 6. 2003, when the Ticats had that terrible 1-17 year, I was 10. I don't remember much of anything from before I was 7, but I remember everything after 10 pretty clearly - everything in between is fuzzy. What I'm trying to say is that before these last few years, I never remember the Ticats being a good team - I grew up during the dark ages. In my short history of life, I have rooted for the Ticats (and boo'd the Argos!) because that's what I was taught to do. I loved going to the game and cheering, even though we usually lost.

So to me, these last few years... I've been so proud. Finally, the constantly losing team I cheered for as a kid, has become one of the strongest teams in the league. I want to support them and show them that this little girl has grown up watching this organization grow up strong alongside her. It's been a journey, but that's what makes everything so special. If they had been the best team all these years, this wouldn't mean so much to me.

2017, I will be getting season tickets, and by then, maybe I'll be bringing my own little girl with me... or my cat, in her carrier, with her jersey on. :lol:

End of that sentimental story. I'm just trying to get across how much this team means to me and how proud I've been of them these past few years. :stuck_out_tongue:

I concur...will GLADLY keep making the drive up from Philly to see what happens next!!!

Renewed our seasons and actually upgraded to better seats. I trust the management of the team to sign the guys they want and replace the ones who want to move on! GO CATS GO in 2016!

We have also renewed, best value for money for entertainment.

We decided to downgrade from gold seats in the hopes of finding a more exciting section.

205 was simply too quiet with people sitting on their hands unless there was a TD. Nice people, but just skews really old I think. I'm hoping for something like you see in Ottawa or Saskatchewan.

Hopefully 207 is good.

Football is fun,but its better to sit with like minded people.

I renewed a few weeks ago and I cant wait till the 2016 season starts, love the new stadium and love this team.
All the way in 2016!!!!!

I've had seasons for 7-8 years now....one thing I'll note in that span is the increase in price! We started out paying $175 in year one and now its up to $500 in order to renew our current seats in section 108. Its hard to compare given the move to the new stadium, plus all the credits we got for the stadium delays, paying for playoff tickets in years they didn't host a home playoff game etc. But its at a price point where we are considering having to downgrade seats or cancel seasons and just go with a 3 or 5 game pack.

I don't think the pricing is to far out of line, but the lack of options and price points is what gets me. Section 108 is one removed from the extreme end of the stadium (our seats are basically on the 10 yard line, lower bowl) $500 seems a little steep for that location. I'm curious to see what the pricing will look like once the novelty of the new stadium wears off and when the Ti-Cats return to some lean seasons (hopefully not for a long time). We aren't that far removed from those days and it seems a little disingenuous to all the fans (like us) that stuck with the Ticats (not to mention paid for the stadium).

BTW, sat up top for the first year and it sucks. You feel isolated from the rest of the stadium up there and the climb is terrible!

Woah. Try moving to sec 101/111. I’ve had seats since IWS, and this year is going to be the first price increase in years. Think the price next year is around $250, after being $200 this year and last year.

As a STH in 207, I can say it really is not much better. We sat in the 2nd row right beside the tunnel, and the seats around us were mostly empty, and when they were occupied the crowd was very quiet. Our plan is to move down to the lower bowl, the atmosphere is much better. Upper West side is so dead.

Dang I just bought tickets there...

I'm planning on renewing again for next season. My first season I was in row 1 in 119, good seats but didn't like the direct sun and crowd around my seats were kinda boring. I bring my two boys who are 11 and 8 and they wanted to be closer to the players. I moved to 101 this past season, I couldn't ask for better seats. Our seats are right on the railing in the 7th row, fans around me are great!! View is good and easy to get in and out of the stadium. Fans around me are mostly guys are in their 20's but they know how to enjoy a game. My boys like seeing the players walk by when they head to the locker room, give high 5's to them and been able to get 3 gloves, an arm sleeve and a towel from the players this season. Great little extra from the team.

My renewal for my pair is $660. I agree with the other comment that there getting pricey as I use to pay $95 seat for end zone back in the early 2000's. I know new stadium and prices do go up over the years. I just wish the team did more for their season ticket holders. Wish they held a special event just for us, give us a private meet and greet with the players, even give us a souvenir for being a season ticket holder. That's where I just feel that we get shafted. I love supporting the team and will do for many years to come. They seem to be so focused on selling seats and focus on getting our money so early after the season is done.

So if u don't want direct sun on you and if your on a budget for seats I would recommend section 101 for season seats

8) You are complaining about ticket prices jumping from the early 2000's to today, 2015 ??
 That's roughly 15 years, plus a brand new stadium !!  Tell me something in  life that has not increased a great deal in
  15 years ??  Food, cars, trips, insurance, sports entertainment, players salaries, costs of operating a CFL team !!

   In my estimation you are still getting a good deal for $660 for 2 seats in a brand new ball park !!

   The TiCats do give a discount for season ticket holder off merchandise in the TiCat store.

    The Cats also have a meet and greet every season with the players if you pick up your season tickets at the 
     stadium after a pre-season game !!

No, totally understand prices go up over the years and if I had an issue with the cost with my seats I wouldn't renew. I sit in 101 as its an affordable way to have season tickets so I can take my boys. It was more just a statement saying how much seats have increased in price over the years. Understandable, having a new stadium will increase our ticket prices. My issue is why they can't do a bit more for just their season ticket holders. Understandable, I get a discount at their store which is nice to have but it's not like I'm buying from them on a weekly basis. I have taken my kids to their autograph session, but its with everyone in attendance not just for us and hard for my kids to meet the star players as so many others want to meet them. Be great to have a function just for us, thank us their season ticket holders.

Overall I'm pleased with the team, I will continue to be a season ticket holder and eventually pass my seats to my kids.