I pay TSN/Bell $180 year for an add on pack 1,3,4&5 to watch the CFL

And that’s why the CFL and its broadcaster have to move to some sort of revenue model that includes fewer or no commercials during the game itself.

I understand that popular international sports often have global licensing and sponsorships that get them through commercial free, but many smaller Rugby and soccer leagues do the same and somehow manage to stay afloat if not thrive.

Thanks to streaming television and the increase in popularity of international sport, North Americans are finally growing tired of a 3 hour football game with over an hour of commercials.

I’m in about the same boat, for about an extra $36 per month above internet and modem for that kind of service from XFINITY by Comcast, so I understand. That’s a deal very few here get mind you.

The alternatives are not much if any less and offer less reliability and convenience.

Now I am growing weary of repetitive content especially lately in the summer, which has been the worst I remember since perhaps about 2011 for choices and filler, but some time next winter I probably go with Disney+ and stick on an over-the-antenna again and roll from there at only $14 per month.

Even the NFL is trying to make reforms to its commercial breaks, which last season were the worst I ever remember. I’m going to take note after September, when they’ll exploit the novelty window for starving fans plus this year more Americans are gambling legally than ever and overall.

No one really knows just what change will come from these mass new experiences beyond how fantasy changed sports coverage (for the worse somewhat overall in my opinion), but changes indeed will come. ESPN I would bet to screw things up again some more though.