I Officially Declare Myself an Idiot

I have been watching football for 47 of my 53 years. I have played some ball. I have a reasonable - but by no means intense - knowledge of the game. At least I thought that I had.

For the life of me I cannot figure out the moves that we make.

I KNOW that I'm not privy to insider knowledge, to strategic long-range planning, or to player evaluations.

What I see is the play on the field and its results. I see the manner in which schemes are called (if ever). I see the names and the positions brought in.

Why have I lost heart and a great deal of interest? It appears that I really AM just a casual fan. I obviously don't understand the game at all. Nothing that we do makes any sense to me. I might as well be watching cricket. I'm an idiot... that's me.

Man, you think you're an idiot? Heck, I also follow the Argos so I feel the same about TWO teams.

An Argo-Cat fan

I'm with ya's......

Last time I felt this way was when Harrold Ballard was ruining my Leafs and Ti-Cats......... :roll:

Harold delivered a Grey Cup.

Ballard's actions AND WORDS may have been frustrating at times but his era in no way matches this one. With the 'Cats he didn't try to call all the shots personally like he did with the Leafs.

Oh man.... I'm defending Harold Ballard. I AM an idiot.

By no means do I understand everything the team does; I don't expect to-- I'm a devoted but amateur fan. However, no matter what they do, and regardless of their current performance or my own perplexity and frustration, I'm a Tiger-Cat fan, now and always.